"The B-29 Stretches its Wings"
With many thanks to Bob Watson, who was the Flight Engineer on the last mission of
the Irish Lassie, for sharing the article, "The B-29 Stretches its Wings," with us.  It
consists of an interview with Paul Tibbets, who was the aircraft commander of the
Enola Gay on her mission over Hiroshima, Japan in 1945.  For easier reading, I've
transcribed it from the copies of the pages Mr. Watson sent.  The photos below
accompanied the article, which appeared in "Fifi's Diary" in 1977, and the descriptions
are, also, from the article.  Fifi is the only B-29 still flying today.  Thank you, again, to
Bob Watson for sharing this excellent article.  You may contact Mr. Watson
Click here for the article "The B-29 Stretches its Wings"
History stood still at this moment - 0130
hours 6 August 1945.  Paul Tibbets waves
goodbye and seconds later he turned and
started engines, setting into motion a
mission that would forever change the
course of world events.
Paul Tibbets
It was a most unusual day.  CAA Inspector D.
K. Hudson, right, signed off the tickets of a
couple of brand new B-29 pilots:  Didi
Morman, left, and Dora Dougherty are
obviously delighted at their new ratings and
their instructor, Paul Tibbets, smiled as he
set the stage to solve a morale problem in
the B-29 program.
CAF Colonel Bob Caron was the tail gunner
aboard Enola Gay.  Bob is featured here on
Fifi's flight deck at Denver's Buckly Field in
July of 1976.  On the back of this interesting
photo, Bob writes:  "Unemployed tail gunner
trying to remember which end of the
airplane was his."
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