Produced in a model, new and absolutely sanitary factory.  
Mail orders filled anywhere.  Sent in a protected
carton--each "Praline" wrapped in glazed paper.  Carefully
Hotel Grunewald Caterers
Box of 7.....$1.00
Box of 12....1.50
Box of 24....3.00
"Remember New Orleans and the soft evenings, lazy balconies, steamboat whistles
and the French Market for coffee to end the different day?  Ah!  That French Market
Coffee.  A blend of authoritative, round, gracious coffee.  With the vital added
stimulus of Chicory.  Wouldn't you like some now?  Black as sin, in a demi-tasse to
cap your gourmet dinner.  Or Cafe au Lait, the veritable smell of coffee itself,
foaming frothy brown as milk and coffee meet and marry.  The recipe for this and
other conversation coffees is in every can.  Discerning grocers have French Market
Coffee and Chicory.  It costs a little more, but doesn't everything different these
days?  Different?  Mais oui.  Vive la difference!"
New Orleans Coffee Company
Teutonia Bank and Trust Co., New Orleans, LA
Safe ~ Solid ~ Sound ~ Sure
With thanks to Pamela Conway Caruso for sharing this image.
Marks Isaacs
Holmes Fine Jewelry
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There is a statue of Margaret Haughery on Camp Street, in
the small park known as "Margaret's Place."  Mrs. Haughery,
known as "the bread woman of New Orleans," was an
entrepreneur and philanthropist, who worked with the
Sisters of Charity; she donated much money to help orphans
in the city.  Her statue portrays her surrounded by the
children she helped.
Myles Salt
Sazerac Cocktails
Godchaux Sugar
Old New Orleans
1853 Daily Delta ad:  "New Parisian Goods!  D. P. Scanlan & Co., No. 12 Chartres Street
Respectfully inform the Ladies that they are receiving by ship Sumner, from Havre, a
large and varied assortment of new goods from Paris, consisting of Silks of the latest and
most rechereche styles, such as Angela, Esther, d'Estres, Medina, Arinde, and Galathee
robes; Breche, Changeable and Plain Silk; Bayadere, Plaid and Fancy Foulard robes; Rich
Black Silks, plain, plaid, breche and quadrule; Aboukir and Melaide Muslin Dresses, a la
Volants; Donna Maria Robes; Bayadere, Pyramidal and Plain Barege Dresses; Wedding
Sets of White Satin; Taffetas, Pyramid and Medaillon Dresses; Embroidered and Flounced
Gauze and Lace and Dresses; Ladies' Dress Caps, Collars, Sleeves, and Gimps of the
Mousquetaire, Ange, Voltaire, Senateur, Imperatrice, and Raphael styles; Children's
Embroidered Muslin and Linen Cambrie Chemises, Camisoles, and Matinees.  A complete
assortment of Ribbons, Artificials, Parasols, Gloves, and other articles too numerous to
mention.  Also, a splendid assortment of Ladies, Misses and Children's Silk, Satin, and
Velvet Capotes, Bolivards, and Capelines."
Concert, Grunewald Hall, 1890
Leah Rosalie Jensen Glaser, born December 15, 1897 in New Orleans; died
November 14, 1997, New Orleans; featured in this Charlotte Russe ad.
With special thanks to Larie Tedesco for sharing this image.
P. Bouron, Gun Maker
Child's Wool Hats, Canal and Common Streets; unknown store
South-Western Book Store, 1854