Junior Baseball Champions
1932 New Orleans Pa-Pooses - Winners:
Little World Series/American Legion National Championship
With many thanks to Louis Carrio for sharing the photo below.
Update from Mr. Carrio about his Dad, 1/2011:  The last member of this championship team,
Emile 'Moon' Mounes, died in Houston, TX on December 27, 2010, at age 95.  All the way up
to the day of his death, he missed New Orleans, where he had lived for 90 years until the
levee failures after Katrina destroyed his home.  He spoke often, fondly and in great detail
about his baseball team, his teammates and his joy of growing up in New Orleans.  For him,
there was no greater place on earth than New Orleans.
Here is New Orleans' greatest Junior baseball team, the 1932 Pa-Pooses, winners of the
Little World Series and the American Legion National championship.
From left to right, top row:  Coach A. J. Park, Emmett Barry, Alex Diaz,
Charles Zatarain, sponsor; Robet Mangiapane, Henry Munstereifel,
Robert Craven and Coach Nick Lamantla, Sr.
Middle Row, kneeling:  Joseph Graffagnini, James Fraiche, captain; Charles
Graffagnini, bat boy; Peter Constancy and Emile Mounes.
Front row, sitting:  Lloyd Sheehan, Emanuel Guillot, Charles Zatarain, Jr.,
mascot; William Schonacher and Paul Ingolia.