The Hitching Post semi-pro baseball team participated in the
semi-pro baseball league at Audubon Park in 1950.  Pictured above:
First row, left to right: Billy Reynolds, Louis Reynolds, Larry Reynolds, Pat Smith and Joe Mock.
Second row: Bill Bailey, Gasper Trapani, Earl Smith, Fred Bullinger, Rococ DeGeorge and J. Duffy.
Third row: Joe McCarthy, Coach, Keke Foster, Jerry Swebell, Hal Gruthrient, Mike Coleman and
Eddie Volpe, Mrs. May Bellone, owner of the Hitching Post, and Bill Reynolds, Coach.
A Look Back: Baseball in New Orleans
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This picture of Carl Liller's team was taken at the Southern League Pelican Stadium in 1952.  The
team played against Lou "Rags" Scheuermann's All-American National Champions and defeated
them in an exhibition game before the Major League played in the second game.  Most of the young
players were either drafted or enlisted in the service for the Korean Conflict.  Pelican Stadium was
torn down in the 70's and replaced by a hotel.  Pictured are:  
1st Row: ____, James Bullinger,  
Dennis Spellman,  Joe Guiffria,  Carl Liller, Jr.,  Louis Reynolds, ____,  Pat Smith;  
2nd Row: Jean
Schaff,  Harold Blaum,  Mike Coleman,  Fred Bullinger,  Earl Smith,  Jerry Swabell,  John Patterson;  
3rd Row: ____,  ____,  Dooley Ahten, coach, Carl Liller, Sr., owner of Carl Liller's Lounge,  Buell
Bourgeois, coach, Pat Bonner.
The Victory Stars, 1924.  Standing, back row: George, Weible,  P. Bill Leitz, IB,  Ed Konker,
P,  Bill Steele, Mgr.,  Gus Shick, CF, Black Jagot, RF,  Matthews Davenport, LF;
Kneeling: Dutch Gorgeve, C,  Dooley Ahten, 3B,  Easton Reid, 2B,  Frenchy Ferrand, SS,  
Monk Petitfils, P.
Joe Orr played baseball and softball in the New Orleans area for 62 years, from 1935 to 1997.  He
won in the neighborhood of 1,500 games and won 45 championships with 30 different teams.  
Joe was president of the New Orleans Diamond Club in 1992.  He was inducted in the following
Halls of Fame:  Diamond Club, 1989, Commercial Athletic Club, 1953 and The Greater New Orleans
Hall of Fame, 1982.  When he played, he was respected by all ball players as the best knuckle ball
and overhand pitcher in the New Orleans area.  He has always been a credit to the game.
Diamond Club Officers, 1992:  Joe Orr, President;  Al Cummings, 1st Vice President;  Pete
Constancy, 2nd Vice President;  W. "Skeeter" Theard, Commissioner;  Ray Yochim, General
Manager;  Arthur Martin, Treasurer;  Charlie Staunton, Secretary
Latin-American Friends, 1969-1970, won the Delgado and St. Patrick Leagues.
Illinois Central Railroad Employees Service Club 1962 team, undefeated champions of the
Civic Bankers Softball League.  The games were played at St. Patrick's Park.  They dominated
this league for several years and participated in Mr. Irwin "Sleepy" Breaux's tournament of
champions and finished second place, losing to the Ruby's Wildcats.  The Illinois Central New
Orleans team had a home and home series each year with the Chicago team, which were also
champions in their league.
Pictured are, from left, front row: Arthur Meirer, Coach, James D. Bullinger, Lambert "Lamby"
Callaghan, Bob Loving, Richard "Dick" Pigeon, Clarence Cazalot, Clarence Garvey, Asst. Coach
From left, second row: Fred Helmstetter, Asst. Coach, John Callaghan, Joe Spano, Fred
Bullinger, Ray "Moon" Serpas, Willie Cruze, Joe Matranga, James "Pel" Hughes.
Not pictured are: Donnie Albro, Charlie Hefler, H. "Weedy" Wederstramdt, Emory Commier,
Anthony Centanni and George Lee.
Wisner Old-Timers, 1989, St. Patrick's Park; members had to have been 45
years or older; they played once a year, with a party following the games.
St. Angela's 1978 CYO Softball Team, runner-up in city tournament.
Top row, left to right: Robyn Koppens, Fred Bullinger, Coach, Susie Guichard, Judy Cannella,
Frannie Nicholini, Ronnie ___
Middle row: Robin Hood, Linda Hood, Linda Cunningham, Lisa Ragas
Front row: Jeanne Sublette, Annette Bullinger, Tina Bullinger, Donna Martiny, Cyndi Diliberto,
Cyndi's holding Kelle Hood, younger sister to Robin and Linda Hood.
Fred Bullinger, Bill Johnson and Jim Miller, 1972.
Front Row: Woody Hebert, Manager, Skeeter Theard, Ray Asprion, Jerry Ray, Dom Geraci, Earl
Incardona, C. J. Francis, Danny Johnson, Monk Milazzo;  Bat Boys, Jerry Ray & Dennis Geraci.  
Scorer Tom Taquino, Jim McNiven, Gene Freese, Ken Wollenberg, Al Jurisich, Irv Clemnt, Al
Flair, Johnny Owen, Diz Granados, Elmo Rousseau, Umpire Clem Froeba, Larry Bettencourt.
Front Row: Umpire Charlie Donovan, Bat Boy Lenny Munna, Red Cochran, Lenny Fresh, John Fury,
Charlie Latterade, Paul Lewis.  
Second Row: Pel Hughes, Joe Orr, Warren Abadie, Frank Salvaggio,
Ed Weber, Ben Dorsey.  
Back Row: Manager Ray Yochim, Umpire Numa Marquette, Scorer Arthur
Schott, Umpire Phillip Pace, Umpire Jimmy Callahan, Gumbo Dufresne, Manager Ed Lichtenstein,
Paul Brown, Andy Gonczi, Fred Bullinger.   To see stat sheet from the game,
click here.
Participants in Diamond Club Old Timers World Series, 1972
Old Pros: