The Blue Room
For generations of New Orleanians and visitors, the Blue Room of
the Roosevelt Hotel (later called the Fairmont) was one of the
most outstanding venues for bands and performers in the nation.

The levee failures of 2005 closed the historic hotel, but it was
purchased in 2007 and restored to its glory days, including the
famous Blue Room.  The cost of restoration was over $170
million.  In 2009, it re-opened as a 504-room, 135-suite, luxury
hotel - a part of Hilton's Waldorf-Astoria line.  The new owners
returned the name the hotel used from 1923 to 1965, The

I don't have dates for most of the images on this page, but many
appear to be from the 1930's-1940's era.
A party in the Blue Room held at the end of Mayor Morrison's losing campaign for
governor, 1956.  Mayor Morrison is sitting, 2nd from right, front row.
Sophie Tucker appears at the Blue Room, Tony Martin, coming next.
Above, matchbook; below, napkin, from the Blue Room.
CLICK HERE for the brief history of the Blue Room, as shown on a plaque at the hotel.  
[This image is courtesy of Infrogmation and Wikimedia's Commons.]
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The Blue Room during preparations for re-opening, 2009.
The Blue Room, 1940's
Michael Cosgrove shared this photo of his family enjoying
an evening at the Blue Room in 1957