Historic Campbell-Spofford Mansion
When I placed the above photo on my "Mystery" page, it didn't take long for 3 knowledgeable
visitors to answer the question, "Where is this building?"  Fred, John Grey and Christine
Adams all shared different and interesting information about this very historic home.
Dr. George W. Campbell had this home constructed in 1857 at the corner of St. Charles
Avenue and Julia Street.  In 1862, during the Civil War, U. S. Gen. Benjamin Butler and
a contingent of federal troops arrived and took possession of New Orleans.
Shortly thereafter, Gen. Butler took personal possession of the Campbell
home and used it as his residence for the remainder of his time in the city.
After the war, Dr. Campbell sold the mansion to Judge Henry Spofford and it, once again,
became a luxurious private residence.  But, time passed and the neighborhood began to
change from residential to business and, by the early 1900's, the old home had begun a
series of transformations (school to apartment house to a once-popular all-night cafe)
that eventually led to its demolition in the 1960's.
Since that time, the space has been used as a parking lot.
An inauspicious end to a very historic location.   -- Nancy
The picture at the top of the page was taken in 1937.  The photo directly above is ca. 1951 -- in
it, you can just make out the carriage house at the back of the home, on the right side of photo.
The carriage house somehow managed to survive, as you can see in the current picture below.
Click here to see a collection of newspaper articles about the old Campbell-
Spofford mansion shared with us by Christine Adams.

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