Canal Street
(Mostly) 1800's
A few of the stores included in this 1864 photograph:  D. H. Holmes Dry Goods;  James Ryback,
Importer/Dealer in Fancy Goods;  Mrs. Charles Brown, Dress & Cloak Maker;  J. Ada Rocha & Co.  The old
Christ Church can be seen at Dauphine Street; it was demolished when the congregation moved to St. Charles
Avenue.  The first Maison Blanche department store was built on the site in 1883.  Photo ca. 1864.
Canal Street, corner of St. Charles - Henry Clay statue is visible in the median.  The statue was dedicated
in 1856, but, by 1900, it had become a hindrance to traffic and was moved to Lafayette Square, where it
remains today.  Photo ca. 1864.
Streetcars on Canal Street, 1907
Mule drawn streetcar at Henry Clay statue on Canal Street; there's an advertisement
for Trovatore at the French Opera House on the streetcar; early 1890's.
Canal Street at St. Charles; in the background, on the right, the dome of the first
Maison Blanche store can be seen, having replaced Christ Church; in the background
on the left, is the distinctive turret of the Pickwick Club (one of several buildings the
club has occupied on Canal Street).  Photo ca. 1890's.
Since so many of the photos on this page included the Henry Clay statue, I
thought I'd add a current picture of the monument in its second home in
Lafayette Park, where it's been since 1900.
The 3 photographs directly above are courtesy of Infrogmation, who
has generously contributed many, many vintage New Orleans photos,
as well as, current photos, to
Wikimedia Commons.