Then and Now:
Two Corners on Canal Street
Canal and Carondelet Streets:  Between 1900-1910
The building on the right was home to L. Feibleman department store, which
remained open at this site from 1897-1931.  In 1931, Mr. Feibleman became
affiliated with Sears-Roebuck and opened a new store on Baronne Street.
This building was used by the USO during WWII and was demolished in
1949 to make way for Gus Mayer department store, which remained in
business on the site until the late 1980's.  The building on the left is no
longer with us, but I don't know when a new building took its place.
Canal and Carondelet Streets:  Today
The Gus Mayer name and logo remain carved in the building on the
right, but it's currently home to a CVS pharmacy.  On the left, it's now
shoes instead of cigars, a Lady Foot Locker is open for business.
So many buildings have come and gone on Canal Street, it's nice to find one
that's been holding its ground since 1820.  In fact, this is the oldest building
still standing on Canal.  Above, during its incarnation as a United Cigar Store.
Canal and Decatur Streets:  Between 1914-1918
Canal and Decatur Streets:  Now
The historic old building is now home to an Arby's restaurant.