"Carondelet Canyon"
Changing Views of Carondelet Street Through the Years
Looking down Carondelet from Canal, 1902; at one time the Queen
Anne-style building on the right was used as the Pickwick Club and,
during WWII, as a USO club.  It was demolished many years ago.
Left, Carondelet Street from Canal, ca.
1927.  Buildings on the right (starting
from foreground & going backwards):
Federal Reserve Branch, Canal
Commercial Bank, Marine Bank,
Cotton Exchange & Hibernia Bank.

1927 description:  "More money is
involved in the gigantic transactions
which take place in the buildings
shown in this picture, the Carondelet
Canyon of New Orleans, than in any
other center of the South."
Current, taken from the other side of Canal Street.
The bottom photo on this page is courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons' SandyGirl.

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