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New Orleans Children
New Orleans Children, Page Two

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WPA Recreation Division's marionette class at McDonogh #11,
1940's.  Children, left to right:  Lucien Bagnette, Beverly and
Rosemary Johnson, James Norton
WPA Recreation Division's marionette class at McDonogh #11, in the
1940's.  Children, left to right:  Rosalie Duggan, Rosemary and
Beverly Johnson, Albert Dufour
Two helpful gardeners...McDonogh #15, 1941
Convalescents in the children's ward, ninth floor,
Charity Hospital, 1941.
With appreciation to Lisa Cotten for sharing these two pictures.

ABOVE:  Lisa's maternal grandfather and his sister, Ernest (Ernie)
Peterson Spellman, Sr. (age about 4 years) and Velma Claire Spellman
(age about 7 years) taken about 1918.

BELOW:  Their older sister, Mary Ellen Spellman (age 2-3 years old)
taken about 1900.  They are the children of John Peter and Carolina
(Carrie) Peterson Spellman.  They lived in Algiers on Evelina Street.  
We believe the picture of my grandfather and great aunt was taken at
Mardi Gras that year.  John Spellman's parents, Michael and Julia Mary
Nolan Spellman, were both from Ireland, married in Algiers in 1866.
Many thanks to Gary Glass, who sent this photo
taken in Harahan in 1955; pictured with Gary are
his two sisters.
The photographs in the section below were taken in New Orleans by
George Francois Mugnier, between 1900-1936