Charles J. Colton School
With much appreciation to Mary Olivier Thurman for sharing the two photos below.
C. J. Colton School was named for Charles Joseph Colton, a New Orleans
essayist, poet, journalist, lawyer and court reporter, who was born in 1868 and died
in 1916.  In 1918, a school located on St. Phillip Street, in the French Quarter, was
named after him.  In 1929, a grammar school opened at 2300 St. Claude Avenue
and was named after Mr. Colton.  It was turned into a junior high in about 1953.
Colton Junior High's 1957-58 band - click here for names of band members.
The May Festival at C. J. Colton Grammar School in 1952, held in the school's
auditorium.  Directly to the right of the girl standing at center stage (under the
cathedral clock) are Carol Katsanis and Mary Olivier, who were third grade
students of Marie Browning, and are still friends today.
Colton Junior High School - 1960 Football Team

With many thanks to Jimmy Anselmo for sharing the photo below.