Warren Easton High School Yearbook
The Eagle - 1955 - Seniors (A - J)
With grateful thanks to Fred Wilbert for scanning and sharing these images and
much appreciation to Muriel (Mimi) Reinhardt-Faller for the loan of the yearbook.
Above, the principal, Amy H. Hinrichs, and her message:  "The American
public school is a unique institution.  In it our boys and girls have
opportunities for growth and development that cannot be duplicated.  
Daily thanksgiving for the privileges that are ours is in order for both
pupils presently in our schools and adults who have already profited by
the benefits."
~  ~  ~
I'll add a personal note here to say that Ms. Hinrichs' ancestors were
among the founding families of the church I attended throughout my
Napoleon Avenue Methodist Church.   The church's very
early members were mostly from New Orleans' German community.  Ms.
Hinrichs was a remarkable lady, who was a knowledgeable and
generous student and teacher of history.  She lived well into her 90's
and was an active member of the church until infirmity no longer
permitted it.  She, also, happened to live a block away from my family in
Carrollton.  Long after her retirement from New Orleans Public Schools,
she was still "teaching" the youngsters of the neighborhood and
instilling in them an appreciation of history.  In my case, it's an
appreciation of New Orleans history that has stayed with me to this
day.   Nancy
~  ~  ~
Picture below, the faculty of Warren Easton, 1955.