Elk Place
Far right, original Elks Home; criminal court and parish jail on left; 1900.
Elk Place from Canal Street; in the foreground, Veterans Service
Center; old court in background: 1940's, during WWII.
A rally on Elk Place, 1919
New Elks Home under construction, 1917.
Old Elks Home, demolished 1917 to make way for new building.
New Elks Home, 1924; building is still standing,
but is no longer affiliated with the Elks Lodge.
Current photo of "Molly Marine" monument, Canal Street and Elk
Place.  The statue was erected in 1943, during WWII, with the
inscription, "Free a Marine to Fight" and rededicated in 1966 to
honor Women Marines.  This was the first monument in the United
States of a woman in service uniform; sculpted by Enrique Alferez.
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Old Parish Criminal Court and Old Parish Prison

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Elk Place, in the Central Business District, begins at Canal Street
and lasts only two blocks before it becomes Loyola Avenue.  It
was named in honor of the Elks Home located in the first block
off of Canal, directly behind what's now the Joy Theater.  Above,
Elk Place from Canal Street, ca. 1900; old criminal court building
and parish prison can be seen in center of photo.