Evolution of a House:
Back to its Beginnings
   I've taken note of this house on Esplanade many times and wondered about its
history.   I don't know the age of the house, but I have reason to believe it
pre-dates the Civil War.   I know that it's well over 100 years old, because the
photo above was taken in 1905 and it looks far from new then.  I saved the 1905
picture when I ran across it and noted that the description referred to the house as
a "mansion."
   I mention this because, recently, I found a photo of the same house, taken in
1940, that identified it as a "rooming house."  Evidently, by that time, it had fallen
on hard times.  In the 1940 picture below, you can see the partitions added to the
balconies to divide them for tenants and an unsightly addition stuck to the side.
   At one time, when I passed the house, there was some graffiti on the walls and
I had the impression that the house could have been vacant.  I hoped that, if that
was the case, someone would come along and take on the task of rejuvenating
this house that has such a long history - and that's exactly what someone seems
to be doing.  When I passed this corner recently, renovations were clearly
underway to bring it back to what it once was.
   As you can see from the photo above, the house has come full circle, back to
its beginnings.  -- Nancy