Historic Gallier Hall
For over a hundred years, this beautiful, historic building served as New Orleans City Hall.  
Located on St. Charles Avenue, in the city's Business District, the building was designed by
well-known architect James Gallier, Sr. and construction was completed in 1853.  Many
important events in the city's history have taken place at Gallier Hall.  It now serves as a
reception hall and home to the critically acclaimed Ty Tracy Theatre (named for the late
Artistic Director of the New Orleans Recreational Department Theatre).
However, it may be best known for the VIP viewing galleries placed in front of it every
Mardi Gras season.  The parades always pause at this location and marching bands usually
perform in front of the grandstands.  It was in front of Gallier Hall that the mayor toasted
the Saints during the Super Bowl victory parade in 2010.
Below, current pictures of Gallier Hall and, then, images from the past.   -- Nancy
A St. Charles streetcar rumbles past the block where Gallier Hall's located.
The current photos of Gallier Hall on this page are courtesy of
Flickr Creative Commons' Infrogmation and skooksie; and NOLA.com.
Also, thanks to Sue Melancon for sharing one of the photos.

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Taken on the day of a mayoral inauguration.
Night of the Super Bowl victory parade.
Sketch of Gallier Hall when it was 5 years old, 1858.
During the Civil War, 1864.
Above, Mardi Gras, 1906; below, Mardi Gras, 1908.
Between 1900-1910
Steps of Gallier Hall, World War I rally, 1918.