Holmes interior, ca. 1900;  photo at top of page was taken in mid-1960's.
"I'll meet you under the clock"
D. H. Holmes first opened the doors to its Canal Street store in 1849.  
From that time forward, for many generations of New Orleanians, it
became a favorite place to shop; its restaurant, a favorite place to
have lunch; its Christmas display a must-see during the holidays...and
the clock which hung over its entrance, a favorite place for friends to
arrange a meeting.  All you had to say was"I'll meet you under the
clock" and everyone knew what you meant.
Holmes, decorated for Mardi Gras, 1906
Some of Holmes' cashiers, 1913
D. H. Holmes Restaurant,  bet. 1900-1910
Interior of D. H. Holmes, above, 1900; below, 1930.
The store promoting War Bonds during World War II.
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D. H. Holmes Department Store:
A New Orleans Tradition
The store closed its doors for the last time in 1989, the year the
Holmes stores were sold to Dillard's.  Since 1995, the old Holmes
building on Canal Street has housed a hotel.  But once in awhile, when
you pass by the windows, out of the corner of your eye, you may think
that you catch a glimpse of a thousand twinkling lights, but when you
look back, there's nothing there.  Your eyes aren't playing tricks on
you.  It's the lights of long ago, magical images of scores of holiday
window displays, being forever reflected in the wonder of yesterday's
children's eyes.