Photos:  Some Old New Orleans Hotels
Hotel Chalmette, Carondelet Street
Senator Hotel, Dauphine Street
St. Louis Hotel, Royal Street; right, staircase in the lobby,
after the hotel had fallen into disrepair.
Lafayette Hotel, St. Charles Avenue, Lafayette Square;
Card reads, "Newest and most complete fireproof hotel;" 1920's.
Above & below, Bienville Hotel, St. Charles Avenue, Lee Circle
Carol Hotel, St. Charles Avenue
Marberc Hotel, Canal Street
Pontchartrain Hotel, Bayou Bar, St. Charles Avenue
St. James Hotel, Magazine Street
Warwick Hotel, Gravier Street, Civic Ceneter, 1960's
Above & below, hotel at West End, about 1915
Stairs are all that's left of the hotel at Old Spanish Fort, ca. 1930's.