Vintage Hubig's Pies Ads
Hubig's was one of New Orleans' most iconic brands.  Sadly, in 2012, the
factory was destroyed by fire and the owners have not yet rebuilt.  I have
a page on Hubig's, but I thought these ads deserved a page of their own.  I
think, after you read them, you'll understand why. :-)  -- Nancy
Left, Hubig's ad, 1921:

"Do You Know What It Means
To eat a cheap, bad, punky pie and suffer
from indigestion?  It means that you will if
persisted in, ruin your stomach, impoverish
your blood and bring about a complete
demoralization of your system.  In other
words, you become a dyspeptic.  Now, if you
want to avoid this, just eat Hubig's Famous
Honey-Fruit Pies and your digestive organs
will actually be invigorated.  Red blood,
strong nerves and good health comes from
good and pure eating.  The pies that Simon
the Pieman makes are good eating.  They
are pure.  They are wholesome and
nourishing.  You will know what it means to
feel well when you eat only good pies.  The
word 'Hubig' cut on the top crust of the pie
you buy is your guarantee of good health.
Ask your grocer for them."
Right, Hubig's ad, 1921:

"And now comes 'Simon, the Pie Man'
with his famous 'Honey Fruit Pies' ~ The
more you eat, the more you want. ~
Made by Electric Machine ~ Baked by
Machine ~ In a sanitary, sunlit shop by
clean women and men, 26 pies every
minute, over 1,500 every hour. ~
Delivered fresh from the oven machine
to the grocer by our little red and gold
Guaranteed 100% pure and made with
loving care. ~ The million dollar pie ~
don't cost a million to buy but they taste
like a million.
Simon Hubig Company ~ Owned and
operated by Simon Hubig, Windsor Jones
and John M. Parker, all New Orleans
men ~ A bona fide New Orleans
Our pies are famous from coast to coast.
~ Inspection Invited."
Left, Hubig's ad, about 1928:

"Seventh Anniversary in New Orleans of
the House of 'Simon the Pieman'
~ and 'Simon the Pieman' thanks the
good people of New Orleans for having
made possible the great success he has
enjoyed in this fair city ~ and much
greater is his satisfaction on account of
the fact that New Orleans, known the
world over as a city of connoisseurs of
good things to eat, has consumed more
than ten thousand Hubig's Famous
Honey-Fruit Pies a Day for the past
seven years.  25,000,000 of these
delicious pies have been baked and sold in
New Orleans.  Verily, we have proven
that quality counts."  
I'm not prepared to say that eating Hubig's pies guaranteed good health, but
two of the claims were true beyond doubt - Hubig's was a bona fide New
Orleans institution...and Hubig's pies were very good eating.  I hope, one day,
their "little wagons" will, again, travel the streets of New Orleans.  -- Nancy