The Huibers - Sloan - Clausen Family
Many thanks to Bob J. Huibers for sharing his wonderful family photos.  Among the
pictures on this page are Bob's parents, Petrus J. B. and Elma Clausen Huibers; Bob and
his sister, Lallie Huibers Pilet; Bob's step-sister, Jeanette Sloan Licciardi, and step-brother,
Joseph Frank Sloan, Jr.  Bob was born on Decatur Street and grew up on Frenchmen
First World War
Joseph Frank Sloan and Jeanette Sloan, Decature Street, Mardi Gras
Jeanette, Joseph and Dotty,
Frenchmen Street
Bob Huibers & friend, 1938 Decatur Street
Petrus J. B. Huibers and sisters, Cathrina and Greta.
Petrus holding daughter, Lallie
Lallie, Frenchmen Street
Kenny, Bob and Jeanette
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Jeanette, 1945
Bob with sister, Lallie Huibers Pilet, at 1920 Frenchmen Street
Left, Bob with mom, Elma;  right, Lallie and Elma, Mardi Gras, 1945, Canal Street
Bob and his pal, Red, Frenchmen Street
Bob, posing for the photographer
who used to travel the city taking
pictures of children on a pony.
(If you have any info on this
photographer -- was there more than
one? -- I'd love to hear from you. Nancy)
Petrus J. B. Huibers; photo on right taken on the river front, New Orleans
Elma and Petrus Huibers
Jeanette Sloan Licciardi
Lallie Huibers Pilet, 1935
Bob J. Huibers, 1942
Joseph Frank Sloan and
Elma Clausen Sloan Huibers
Family friend holds Lallie, 1935
Petrus J. B. Huibers, 1957
Jeanette Sloan Licciardi
Joseph, Petrus & Jeanette,
City Park, about 1928
Bob (Red) Huibers and the Travilears, 1957, St. Roch, party for longshoremen  From left to
Joe Molinary (sax), Jerry Ladner (singer & guitar), Joe White (drummer), Biff Baltazar
(singer, sax, flute), Bob J. Huibers (trumpet) and Louis (Lump Lump) Myers (guitar).
Lallie Huibers Pilet
War Block Service Anniversary Award
To:  Mrs. Petrus Huibers
For distinguished service to the people of New Orleans
For your loyalty, earnest efforts and continued devotion to the war programs;
for your contribution in bringing to New Orleans honor and reward in its many
war activities;  We, the undersigned, acknowledge your individual contribution to the
success of our organization.
Note from Bob Huibers about photos of him  above,
on upper right and directly below:  "Presidents
General Election Train, 1/7/51, Elysian Fields and
Derbigny.  Pictures were taken by my friend,
Special Agent Dudley Spanginberg.  Mr.
Spanginberg had been on security details with
President Roosevelt, Vice-President Harry Truman
and candidates Tom Dewey and Wendell Wilke;
also, entertainers such as Elvis Presley; and even
in cars accompanying prisoner Al Capone."
Sherry Ann Huibers Kuhn, 1966