Isidore Newman Leaves a Legacy
Newman residence, St. Charles Avenue, 1914
Above, Isidore Newman Manual Training School, 1930's;
below, the school's vegetable garden, ca. 1909
Isidore Newman School today.
Isidore Newman's home, 1892
Jewish Children's Home
Isidore Newman immigrated to New Orleans from Germany in 1880.  He became the head
of his own investment firm, helped form the New Orleans Stock Exchange and served as
its president for many years.  In 1897, he established Maison Blanche, one of the largest
department stores in New Orleans.
 Mr. Newman was a generous philanthropist.  In 1903, he donated the money to establish
the Isidore Newman Manual Training School.  The school was originally intended to
provide an education for the orphans who lived in the Jewish Childrens Home (which was
located where the Jewish Community Center is today), but it was open to children of all
faiths.  Now called Isidore Newman School, Mr. Newman's legacy has become one of the
most respected college preparatory schools in the metro area.