The Jung Hotel
The Jung Hotel, pictured above in 1939, first opened its doors in 1907.  In 1925, another
section was added and, in the 1960's, still another.  At one time, it was labeled as the
largest convention hotel in the South.  It was called the Jung for more than 75 years
and, afterward, it was known as the Clarion, Raddison and Park Plaza.  It was heavily
damaged in the levee failures of 2005 and, as far as I know, the building is still not in use.
Looking at the Jung from Marais Street, 1931.
Above, the Tulane Room; below, the Cotillion Lounge; both ca. 1940's.
Two Jung Hotel ads, ca. 1940's; above,
Jung Winter Roof Dancing, featuring Jill
Dean and the Ray Teal Orchestra.
Pictured with its new addition in 1969.  Description reads:  "New Orleans' largest
hotel, 1,200 attractive rooms and suites, magnificent Grand Ballroom, Exhibit Hall,
rooftop swimming pool.  Located in the heart of America's most interesting city."
The old Jung Hotel sits empty, as a streetcar rumbles past, 2009.
Photo directly above is courtesy of Infrogmation and Wikimedia Commons;
1931 photo is courtesy of
NOAA Photo Library.

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