McDonogh No. 18  Elementary School
McDonogh 18 Elementary School was on St. Ann Street, near Rampart.  
Unfortunately, the building is no longer standing.
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With many thanks to Larie Tedesco, a former student of McDonogh 18,
for sharing all of the photos on this page, except the very last one.
A nutrition class at McDonogh 18, ca. 1930.
Rev. Claude Boudreaux
greets former teacher,
Mary Morris, at the
McDonogh 18 reunion.
A McDonogh 18 School reunion for classes 1902-1952 was held at Augie's Glass Garden in Metairie in
1997.  Below are some newspaper articles about the reunion, as well as two photos taken at the
event.  I've included brief excerpts from the articles.  Teachers who attended were Mary Morris,
Natalie Nicaud Andre and Isabelle Murphy.  To see many more photos of the reunion,
Larie's album.
Above: McDonogh 18 School held a reunion in
Metairie.  The school was on St. Ann Street adjacent to
the Vieux Carre.  
Right: Isabelle Murphy, left, a former
teacher at McDonogh 18 School, and Loretta McGee
Pantchoast, a graduate of the school, attended the
school's recent reunion in Metairie.
"They were classmates more than 30
years ago and they were lost in time
when they met each other again,
searching familiar faces for clues to their
past.  It was a reunion for graduates of
McDonogh 18 Elementary School, which
was destroyed in the name of progress,
yielding to what is now the Theater for
the Performing Arts in Armstrong Park.  
Parts of the graduates' histories were
obliterated with that building, a vital link
to their childhood.  Students and
teachers, about a hundred in all,
gathered Friday night to remember.  
'You have no idea what this means,'
said Joe Geraci, whose eyes veiled with
tears everytime he met someone."