Edward 'Kid' Ory
Edward Ory was born near LaPlace, LA in 1886.  In the early days of jazz, he led one of
the most popular bands in the city of New Orleans, with musicians such as Sidney
Bechet, Louis Armstrong, King Oliver, Johnny Dodds, Mutt Carey and Jimmie Noone.  
He, also, played and recorded with Jelly Roll Morton, Dink Johnson and Ed Garland.  
Kid Ory is considered by many to have been the best trombonist of the early jazz
years.  He moved
to California, where his band, Kid Ory's Original Creole Band, was
always active and in demand.  He stopped playing during the Depression and didn't
resume until the jazz revival of the 1940's.  He re-formed the Original Creole Band and
it became one of the top New Orleans- style jazz bands of the time and played a big part
in reviving New Orleans jazz.  He continued touring, recording and doing radio
broadcasts until 1966, when he retired and moved to Hawaii, where he died in 1973.
Kid Ory's Band (Ory is 2nd from left), LaPlace, LA, 1905
Kid Ory's Original Creole Jazz Band, San Francisco, 1922.
Kid Ory's Band, 1948, Left to right: Mutt Carey, Joe Darensbourg, Minor Hall,
Ory, Bud Scott, Ed Garland (Buster Wilson, pianist, is not shown).
Kid Ory, 1940's; Left: In front of his home in California with unidentified man
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Ory, 1950's
Edward "Kid" Ory and his wife are buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Culver
City, California.  The marker reads:  "Ory, Father of Dixieland Jazz"