This photo was labeled "Old Post Office, Carrollton and Maple" and dated 1957.
City Park entrance on Carrollton Avenue, 1938
Now The Cornstalk Hotel, this home on Royal Street was built
in the early 1800's by Francois-Xavier Martin, a native of
France.  He authored the first history of Louisiana and was the
second chief justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court.  The
cornstalk fence is one of the most photographed tourist stops
in the French Quarter.  Left and above, as the house and fence
looked in 1941; below, as they look today.
The Famous Door on Bourbon Street, known for the number of famous people who have signed the front door.
Left, 1950's;  right, Sharkey Bonano and his Kings of Dixieland play at the Famous Door, 1940's.
French Quarter home of a famous fencing
master of the early 1800's; photo ca. 1930
Harmony Club, St. Charles Avenue, 1927
Hebrew Center, St. Charles & Jefferson Avenues; this building was demolished
and the Jewish Community Center is now at this location; photo ca. 1950.
Isaac Delgado Museum of Art, 1908; now the New Orleans Museum of Art
Home of Isidore Newman, St. Charles Avenue, 1898
Johnson Ironworks, Bayou St. John, 1918
Arch placed on Canal Street for the 1922 Knight Templars Conclave held in the city.