Betty Ann Owens

With many thanks to Yvonne Hatch for sharing
these photos of her sister, singer Betty Ann Owens.
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"Ice cream, cake and music was had by everyone on the Charity Hospital ninth floor when Phil
McCabe's 12th anniversary of bringing cheer was celebrated Saturday, August 20th.  Part of
Uncle Roy's Barn Dance Show were the featured guests at the party.  Those pictured above, left
to right, front row, Bobby Jean Owens, Valery Adam, steel, Betty Owens, featured Barn Dance
singer.  Uncle Roy behind two little patients with Oscar the rooster on his hat.  Phil McCabe,
Nelson Gros, vocalist and steel, and Little Jackie, another featured singer.  Back row, Irving
Grabert, guitar, Vernon Owens, Johnny Pounds, radio personality, Wilton "Boy" Gros, guitar,
Albert Guillot, owner and manager of the Pecan Grove Tavern on Westwego Highway, Carl
Maler, Steve Gros, leader and guitar, Little Marvin, MC, and Buster Grabert, fiddle.  All the
musicians are members of the Steve and His Melody Boys Band."
Betty Owens, at the age of 14, on stage for a
WDSU New Orleans radio broadcast, 1948.
Betty Ann entertaining patients at Charity Hospital, New Orleans.
Betty Ann and husband, Freddy Assunto, right after taking their wedding vows at
Mater Dolorosa Catholic Church in New Orleans.  Freddy was a member of the
Assuntos' Dukes of Dixieland Band.  Shown above, among his groomsmen, are
famous clarinetist, Pete Fountain, and Freddy's brother, Frank, also, a well-known
musician and member of the band.  The Dukes of Dixieland can be found on the
Bands page of my "New Orleans and the Birth of Jazz" section,
Betty Owens Assunto