"A Picture Book of New Orleans"
Published in 1945
The images on this page are from a little guidebook,
"A Picture Book of New Orleans" published in 1945.
"Courtyard of Pat O'Brien's Restaurant"
"Mardi Gras on the nation's widest business thoroughfare, Canal Street."
"Morning Call Coffee Stand, Decatur Street, French Market"
"Cabildo Alley (
"Pirate's Alley"
"The Municipal Auditorium"
[Opened in 1930; multi-purpose building; 7,853 seats; past scene of
many sporting events, concerts and Mardi Gras Balls.  N.B.]
Left:  "Sailboats on Lake Pontchartrain, one of the
largest lakes in the country"   
Right:  "Lee Circle: St.
Charles Avenue and Howard Street; statue of Robert
E. Lee, column is 60 feet high and bronze statue
weighs 7000 pounds."
"Gibson Hall of Tulane University; Tulane occupies at 93 acre campus and, on its St. Charles
Avenue entrance, is directly across the street from Audubon Park."
"Loyola University; Loyola has a 14 acre campus and adjoins Tulane University."
"Hotel Dieu, the largest Catholic hospital in the state."
[See Historic New Orleans Hospitals page.  N.B.]
"Girod House on Chartres Street, better known as the Napoleon House."
"Old Absinthe House, headquarters for the pirate, Jean LaFitte."
"The Mississippi River curves through New Orleans,
demonstrating why it's called the Crescent City."
"New Orleans Harbor, which acts as a clearing house for the trade of the
Mississippi Valley and a gateway for Central and South America."
"The Cotton Exchange at New Orleans is one of the four most important
Exchanges in the world, having a long and enviable reputation for reliability and
is foremost in the forecast of cotton crops."
"The Del Norte - this is one of the many huge
ships using the South's greatest port."

I remember the Captain of the Del Norte taking my family on a little tour of the
ship when I was a young child.  It was at a time when two of my family members
were Merchant Marines on the ship, often making trips to Central and South
America.  The captain was a nice man but, probably because of his impressive
uniform and his air of authority, he was very intimidating to a 5 year old!  Nancy)
The train they call..."The City of New Orleans,
streamlined giant of the Illinois Central Lines."
See "
Old Union Depot - New Union Terminal."
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