Rainbow Girls & DeMolay Boys
Masonic Temple, St. Charles Avenue
Thanks to Mary Olivier Thurman for sending this photo.
Concorde Chapter - DeMolay Officer Installation, 1954
(Click on the photo to see a larger version of this image, where the names will be
legible.)  Glenn cropped the images below from this photo for a closer look at the
members.  To find a name for the individuals below, click on the group picture above.
Thanks to Glenn Cupit for sending these photos.
The officers and pledges of the Benjamin A. Kippies Chapter, Order of Rainbow for
Girls, New Orleans, about 1957.  Mary believes the Chapter number was either 56 or 57.

Katie Donovan shared the following info about the above picture:  "The adults in the
photo are Mr. & Mrs. Loren Alford.  The group met on the 3rd floor of the Masonic
Temple Building.  This photo was before our time, but, my sister, Dorothy Rae Austin,
and I both went up the ranks in this chapter to achieve the position of Worthy Advisor
(the girl in the center is assuming that job in this photo)."