Makin' Groceries, Schwegmann's Style
WIth thanks - Most of the pictures on this page are courtesy of the estate of
Dorothy Blackwell.  Mrs. Blackwell was a long-time employee of Schwegmann's.
Garret Schwegmann opened his first store in the Bywater neighborhood of New
Orleans in 1869.  By 1995, there were 18 Schwegmann stores in the metro area.  
But, in 1996, the supermarket chain ceased to exist.  This was sad news for New
Orleanians.  I like this quote from the Wikipedia article about the Schwegmann
stores, because it's so true:  "Only in New Orleans can one become emotional
about a grocery store - because people here take their food very seriously."
Schwegmann's two wagons, used for deliveries and street sales, ca. 1898.
From left, Henry Schwegmann, John W. Schwegmann, William Mauer,
Dunny Bauers and owner Garret Schwegmann, ca. 1900.
Above & below, Schwegmann's Giant Supermarket on Gentilly
Boulevard - Once billed "the largest supermarket in the world," this
store opened in 1955 and was 155,000 square feet; photo 1950's.
Above, Schwegmann Bros. Giant Super Market,
Airline Hwy., 1950's; below, same location, 1961.
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The first permanent Schwegmann's store, Piety and Burgundy Streets, 1891
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