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Violet Poelman Moulin and the sewing circle
 The photograph above was taken in about 1927 and was shared with us by Bob
Moulin, whose mother was a member of the sewing circle.  The ladies of the circle
met once or twice a month at each other's homes in New Orleans for more than 50
years.  Through the years, the group lost some of its members and gained new
ones.  None of the original members of the group, pictured above, survive.
 Bob's mother was Violet Poelman Moulin.  Mrs. Moulin was a gifted artist who
loved art from an early age.  She studied under some of the most prominent artists
of her day, including:  Therese Darche of Paris, watercolorist Edgar Whitney, Guy
Pene DuBois of New York and Paris, Viennese painter Oscar Gross and political artist
Alfredo Galli of Italy.
 Her portraits of Gov. Earl Long and his wife, Blanche, still hang in the Old Capital
Building in Baton Rouge.
 Mrs. Moulin taught art in New Orleans until she was 90 years old.  After moving to
Dallas at the age of 90, to be near her son, she did portraits of all of her seven
 She died at the age of 104, having survived her husband, John Charles Moulin, by
twenty-six years.  They are buried in Lakelawn Mausoleum in Metairie.
A very pretty Violet Poelman at about the age of 15, Elysian Fields Avenue, 1915
~~With many thanks to Bob Moulin for sharing these wonderful family photos and clippings.~~
Newspaper story reads, in part:
Girl Proves Congeniality Is Big Factor
In Building UP Business
Miss Violet Poelman, who as manager of the Western
Union branch office in the Hibernia Bank Building, is
building up a business record to be envied by many men.  
The young manageress does not wait for business to
come to her, but goes out and brings
Mrs. John Charles Moulin, formerly Miss Violet Anna Poelman,
whose marriage was celebrated at the home of her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. P. J. Poelman, Carrollton Avenue and D'Hemecourt.  
Miss Peggy Golerni was maid of honor and Thomas Moulin was
best man.
The Moulin house on Milan Street
Violet Poelman Moulin - a self portrait
Gov. Earl K. Long stands in front of the portrait of
his wife, Blanche, which Violet Moulin painted.
Mrs. Moulin met many interesting and
famous people over the course of
her life, including Dr. Jonas Salk.  The
description under the signature
reads:  "Autograph of Dr. Jonas Salk,
discoverer of Salk Polio Vaccine,
October 1, 1972."