Old New Orleans Beer Signs
Several e-friends have shared a PDF-format collection of old New Orleans beer images,
photos of signs, breweries, etc.  I've tried to track down the person who put the collection
together, so I could credit him/her for these great pictures. They were so good I wanted
to share them, not just for the beer signs, but the street scenes in the background.  If you
happen to know who put the collection together, I'd appreciate hearing from you.   
My favorite thing about this one is the proximity of the palm reader
next door .... you could have your palm read and, then, if the news
was bad, you could go next door and have a beer to help you forget. :-)
In the background, the old Dixie Brewery on Tulane Avenue.
St. Clair's Restaurant, S. Carrollton Avenue
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Regal Beer truck; Club Kilroy, St. Peter Street
Dixie Beer truck; Elite Restaurant & Bar, S. Rampart Street
Above: Anheuser-Busch Brewery, I believe this was Gravier Street.  During
Prohibition, Anheuser-Busch manufactured soft drinks & ice cream.  Below, signs
read, "Anheuser-Busch Ice Cream, Mendoza's Confectionery & Oyster Saloon."
Above, Falstaff Brewery, Tulane Avenue, 1939;
the tall Falstaff sign, shown in the photo on the
right, was used in the brewery's heyday to
forecast the weather.  The neon letters would
be illuminated in various patterns to forecast
changes in temperature.  A weatherball was
added in 1952 and its color would change to
indicate weather conditions.  The brewery had
been abandoned for 3 decades, the towering
sign rusting into decay, when the complex was
rescued and renovated in 2006; it's now the
Falstaff Apartments.  A second phase of
development is underway, it includes rebuilding
of the old Beer Garden.  And, happily, the old
Falstaff letters (or reasonable facsimiles) now
shine once more in the night sky.
Dixie Brewery, Tulane Avenue; Dixie was still producing
beer until the levee failures of 2005 did significant
damage to the facility.  Unless a decision's been made
that I haven't heard about, the fate of the old brewery
is still in doubt.  Unfortunately, it's within the new VA
Hospital footprint, but I understand that the Historic
District Landmarks Committee of N.O. has nominated
the building as a local landmark in an attempt to save it.