St. Patrick's Catholic Church
Camp Street
St. Patrick's Church

The first church on this site was dedicated in 1833.  The cornerstone of the
present building was laid in 1838 by Bishop Antoine Blanc during the pastorate of
Father James Mullon.  The first service in the completed church was held in 1840.

It was designed under the direction of architect James Gallier.

The first St. Vincent de Paul conference in New Orleans was founded here in 1852.

St. Patrick's is the oldest parish church outside of the French Quarter.  It is
regarded as the mother church of Uptown New Orleans.

-- Taken from the plaque outside the church
Above and below, interior, St. Patrick's Church, 1960's
The top two photos are courtesy of Infrogmation at Wikipedia Commons.

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View from St. Patrick's Church, 1852
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Notice from:

Daily Picayune Newspaper
January 1, 1850

Pews in St. Patrick's Church

The renting by auction of the pews in St. Patrick's Church, for the present year, takes
place this morning at 10 o'clock within the walk of the sacred edifice.  We trust there will
be a numerous attendance and a brisk competition on the occasion, and that the result
will exhibit a material increase on last year's rental.  The excellent and popular Rector of
St. Patrick's, the Reverend Father Mullen, deserves this mark of respectful attachment at
the hands of his parishoners.
~   ~   ~
With thanks to Fred Bullinger for sharing the image above; it reads:

Monsignor John P. Reynolds' Family Connection with St. Patrick's Church

Monsignor's mother's mother was baptized at St. Patrick's Church in 1859.  Her
parents lived in the parish from its early days.  Their home was on Magazine at
Howard Avenue.  Their family name was McMahon.

Monsignor's father's parents also lived in the parish from its early days.  Their home
was on Howard Avenue at Tchoupitoulas Street.  They were very active in St.
Patrick's Parish over one hundred years ago.  Their family name was Reynolds.

Monsignor Reynolds has been pastor of St. Patrick's Church for the past 34 years.
Camp Street with St. Patrick's in the background; ca. 1900.