Saulet Plantation - St. Simeon's School - Mercy Hospital
Annunciation Street, Lower Garden District
The Old Saulet Plantation serving as Mercy Hospital, 1951.
Just before demolition
 This house was built right after Thomas Saulet purchased the land at a sale of the
Jesuits' property in 1763.  It was to be the Saulet family home for almost 100 years.  The
building went through several incarnations before being demolished in 1959 to make
way for a supermarket - a sad end to a building as historic as this one.
 In 1860, the house was taken over by the Sisters of Charity for use as the St. Simeon's
Select School for Girls and Young Ladies of the City.  The next change occurred in 1922,
when it became St. Luke's Private Sanitarium.  Not long afterward, Mercy Hospital
purchased the building and the hospital remained until the building was demolished in
 The photo above was taken in 1906.