St. Aloysius College, second building, located at Esplanade and Rampart Street
St. Aloysius College ~ Brother Martin High School
St. Aloysius College was founded in 1869 by Brothers of the Sacred
Heart, who had come to New Orleans from France (by way of Bay St.
Louis, MS, where they'd established St. Stanislaus College in 1847).
The first St. Aloysius was located at Chartres and Barracks Streets.
By 1892, the school required a larger building and the Brothers
purchased a school building at Esplanade and Rampart Street from
the Ursulines, who were moving to a different part of the city.
When Rampart was widened in 1925, the old school was demolished and
a new one was constructed in its place.  St. Aloysius, by then a college
preparatory school, remained there until it closed its doors in 1969.
The Brothers, also, closed their school in Gentilly, Cor Jesu, and
combined the student bodies of St. Aloysius and Cor Jesu to establish
Brother Martin High School.  Today, Brother Martin has a large campus
on Elysian Fields Avenue and is one of the top schools in the city.
St. Aloysius, 1100 block of Esplanade, 1920's -- Saints/Hornets
owner, Tom Benson, went to school here and graduated in 1944.
St. Aloysius, the Esplanade building, after the school closed, 1970
Brother Martin High School, Elysian Fields Avenue