St. Matthias School
Graduating Class, 1943
With many thanks to Bob Moulin for sharing this with us.
Our contributor, Bob Moulin, is in the third row, 7th from the left.
To the best of Bob's recollection, the students' names he remembers are:

Top row, L - R:   Sr. Mary Paul OSB-Principal (D), Conrad Kuebel, Robley Gelpi (D), Raymond Miller,
D'Alton Williams (D), Monsignor Baechle (D), Salvador Ignacio, ??, Billy Lockhart (D), ??
Second row from Top, L - R:   ??, ??, Lee Wendell (D), ??, Ralph Bergeron, Paul Thiberville, Bob
Moulin, Jimmy Meyers, Duane Koch, Kenneth Buddendorf (now a Jesuit priest), Roy Fontenelle,
Arthur Sciortino (D)
Third row from top, L - R:   ??, Lois Hunter, Carol Francis, ? Sims, Ann Gravel, ??, Norma Lucero,
Ann Miller, ??, Marion Cass, ??, ??, ??
Front row, L - R:   Charlotte Keller, ??, ??, ??, ??, Cynthia Satterlee, Marilyn Rice (D), ??, ??

(D) = Deceased    ?? = Unknown

St. Matthias Catholic School was on South Broad.  The church was built in 1920; it hasn't
re-opened since Katrina.  To see some beautiful interior photos of the church, click