"Old Spanish Stable"
716-724 Governor Nicholls Street
The lots at 716-724 Governor Nicholls Street (originally called "Hospital Street")
have seen many uses over the past 200 years.  An engine house was erected in
1809 at 721-723, housing the Neptune Fire Company.  Architect Henry Latrobe,
son of Benjamin Latrobe, designed a home for Jean Baptiste Thierry, founder
and publisher of
Le Courier de la Louisiane, at 721 in 1814.  In 1835, the
building that's come to be known as the "Spanish Stable" was constructed by
Francis Gallier Preval and used as a blacksmith shop and livery stable. The
buildings on the property underwent restoration in the 1960's and were turned
into upscale apartments by Clay Shaw.  One of these structures continues to be
known as the "Old Spanish Stable" - even though the Spanish had been out of
power for more than thirty years when it was constructed.
Photos on this page are from the 1930's and
are courtesy of the
Library of Congress.