Old Train Stations of New Orleans
Until the Union Passenger Terminal was constructed in 1954, the major railroad lines
each had their own individual stations, though, a few shared a station with another
line.  A person's destination or favorite rail line determined which station would
be used.  I haven't been able to track down photos of all the stations, but I've
managed to find several, so I thought it was time to devote a page to them.  Nancy
Station for the Texas-Pacific and Missouri-Pacific railways; constructed in 1916,
located on Annunciation Street, between Thailia and Melpomene; picture ca. 1920's.
The Louisville and Nashville station, built in 1902, located at
Canal Street and the Mississippi River; picture ca. 1920.
Originally used as the Illinois Central depot, but eventually by other lines, as well, this station was
located on the site of the current Union Passenger Terminal on Loyola Avenue; picture ca. 1920.
Station for the Louisiana-Arkansas and Kansas City-Southern, built in 1923, located in the
700 block of S. Rampart Street; ended its days as a fire station; picture ca. 1940's or '50's.
The Southern Railway terminal, Basin and Canal Streets;
above photo ca. 1920's.; below photo ca. 1950.
Photo shows the rear of the Southern Terminal during the
removal of its tracks, 1950's.
Southern-Pacific train schedule, 1938