The Stephens Family

With many thanks to Melanie Stephens Turner
for sharing her New Orleans family photos.
Melanie's grandfather:  "Ernest Stephens and His Dixie Lawn Orchestra."  The
young boy with the clarinet is Melanie's uncle, Ernie Stephens, and the boy on the
drum, next to him, is Melanie's dad, Earl R. Stephens.  The photo is possibly ca.
early 1930's.  
Melanie would love to hear from anyone who can give her more
information about her grandfather's band.
Melanie's grandmother, Cecelia France Stephens, the baby is Melanie's dad,
Earl, with brother, Ernie; about 1921.  Photo taken at Relf Studio on Royal Street.
Melanie's mom, Cora Dufour
Stephens, mid-1940's.  Taken at Bel
Mar (?) Studio on Canal Street.
Melanie's dad, Earl, on the right, with
brother, Ernie; Marine Corp, 2nd
Division, 1940.
A copy of a telegram sent by Melanie's dad when he was in
the Marines, to his mother on Mother's Day, early 1940's.
Nanette, Richelle, Earline, Melanie
Melanie's brothers, Robert James and Earl
Richard Stephens, Easter at their aunt's
house in Chalmette.
Left to right, back row, Richelle Marie, Earline Ann,
Melanie Rose, Nanette Cecilia;  sitting in chairs,
parents, Earl and Cora; on ground, Anna Marie,
Robert James and Earl Richard; Arabi, mid-1960's.
At the Shrine Circus, Municipal
Auditorium, about 1955; 4 oldest girls
with their grandparents, Ernest and
Cecilia Stephens.  Melanie's grandfather
was a Shriner.
Youngest sister, Anna
Marie, about 1960.
Sisters, Richelle Marie, Earline Ann,
Melanie Rose, Nanette Cecilia.
Family at City Park, early 1950's.
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Whispers - Home
With Santa at Maison Blanche, notice Mr.
Bingle.  Melanie and Earline in front; in back,
cousin, Phyllis Brassette, mid-1950's.
Left, Melanie Rose,
right, Nanette Cecilia.
Melanie, Earline & Nanette at
grandparents' house - Ernest & Cecilia
France Stephens - on Acacia Street in
New Orleans.  Grandmother is holding
baby brother, Earl Stephens, Jr.