Members, New Orleans Mid-Winter Sports Association, 1938-39
A List of Sponsors from the Official Souvenir Program

5th Annual Sugar Bowl Classic, January 2, 1939
T.C.U vs. Carnegie Tech, Tulane Stadium, New Orleans, Louisiana
List of Members:

Member:                                                    Representing:

Dr. Fred J. Wolfe                                       B.P.O. Elks
A. B. Nicholas                                            Big Ten Universities Club
Joseph M. Cousins                                    Citizens Committee
Herbert A. Benson                                     Colonial Country Club
Warren V. Miller                                         Co-Operative Club
Vernie J. Grenrood                                    Knights of Columbus
A. N. Goldberg                                           Lions Club
Charles C. Zatarain                                   N. O. Association of Commerce
Irwin Poche                                                N. O. Athletic Club
Harry Fletcher                                            N. O. Golf Association
J. H. Bodenheimer                                     N. O. Insurance Exchange
Fred Digby                                                 N. O. Item
Dr. M. P. Boebinger                                   Orleans Parish Medical Society
Frank V. Schaub                                        Passenger Club of N. O.
W. A. Simpson, Jr.                                     Prep School Athletic League
John R. Conniff                                          Public School Athletic League
Al Wachenbeim, Jr.                                    Retail Merchants Bureau
George E. Butler                                        Rotary Club
Joseph Dresner                                         Southern A. A. U.
W. Raleigh Schwarz                                  Traffic Club
Dr. Leo J. Schoney                                    Young Men's Business Club
George E. Schneider                                 Young Men's Christian Assoc.
Herbert Pailet                                             Young Men's Hebrew Assoc.

Ralph Berry
Sam Corenswet
Joseph B. David
L. diBenedetto
Paul E. DeBlanc
P. K. Ewing
R. H. Fleming
H. Jumonville
F. D. Reilly
W. J. Rovira
Allan Smuck
Walter Snider
Clarence H. Strauss
P. B. Williamson
John M. Niehaus
Douglas Watters
Sponsors from the Souvenir Program of the 5th Annual Sugar Bowl Classic:

Parfumeur, Inc
....723 Toulouse Street; maker and originator of rare perfumes; you are cordially
invited to visit Hove's beautiful mansion and old-world courtyard at 723 Rue de Toulouse, built by
the Spanish Grande, Don Jerome Flinard, in 1797.

Jewel Cafe...131 Royal Street; Oysters 45 cents per half dozen; First time in the history of New
Orleans, Oysters a la Rockefeller are prepared before your eyes.  This deep mystery of culinary is
now almost within the price range of raw oysters.  Louisiana's choicest cultivated oysters, served in
all styles at our counters and tables; open all night

Remedial Loan Society...312 Maritime Building; loans on diamonds and jewelry; rates as low as
2% per month up to $300; lower rates on larger loans.

Morning Call Coffee Stand...French Market - corner St. Philip Street; New Orleans' most
famous coffee drinking place; connoisseurs in the art of French Dripped Coffee - patronized by
notables the world over.

Arnaud's...811-819 Rue Bienville; Cuisine Delicieuse; "Dans le coeur du Vieux Carre"; supreme
flavor distinctive of New Orleans.

Coca-Cola...Every bottle sterilized.

Tujagues Restaurant...823 Decatur Street; established 1856.

Crescent City Ice Mfg. Co....408 Howard Avenue; Home of "Certified Ice Delivery;"
indispensable for the home, the office, your automobile, for your party, for your picnic; high balls,
punch, lemonade, cocktails, iced tea, iced coffee and many other luscious drinks taste better with
these Crystal-like Odorless Pure Genuine Ice Cubes (available in colors); delivered in sealed
sanitary containers by the south's most modern ice delivery.

Antoine's Restaurant...717 St. Louis Street; established 1840; Roy L. Alciatore, Proprietor.

White Bros....624 Canal Street; buy gifts on easy credit terms; at White Bros. you can buy
diamonds, watches, silverware, gifts with confidence.

The New Orleans Hotel proud of the Sugar Bowl Classic and congratulates
the Committee on their fine work in creating this most wonderful event for America's Most
Interesting City;  
Hotel DeSoto;  LaSalle Hotel;  Hotel New Orleans;  Monteleone
Hotel;  Jung Hotel;  Pontchartrain Hotel;  St. Charles Hotel;  The Roosevelt;  
Orleans Hotel;  Lafayette Hotel.

...Canal near Baronne; fine apparel for men, women and children since 1840; a modern
seven-story store, top-to-toe service for men, women and children and a busy factory that makes
fine men's summer clothes that are sold in better stores in 48 states.

Maylie's Cafe...Poydras and Dryades Streets; restaurant table d'hote; a unique place to dine.

Kolb's Restaurant...125 St. Charles Avenue; for fine food and the Tyroleans Singers and
Musicians nightly.

Rothschild's Fine Antiques...241 Royal Street

Yellow Cab...the thinking fellow calls a Yellow; Toye Bros. Yellow Cab Co.

The Nut Club...507 Bourbone Street; New Orleans Smartest Spot; in the heart of Vieux Carre.

Jonny Mathes...823 Common Street; fishing tackle, hunting supplies

Horse Shoe Pickle Works...710 St. Mary Street; manufacturers of condiments.

Du-Say Pet Supply...220 Dauphine Street; pets and their supplies.

Coleman E. Adler & Sons Jewelers...722 Canal Street

Vivian J. Gelpi Co....440 N. Peters Street; importers of wines and liqueurs

Carbajal Insurance Agency...1206 Canal Street

Bagille's Seafood Company...French Fish Market

Jacob Schoen & Son...Southern Industrial Life Insurance Assoc.; funeral service, insurance

Brown's Velvet Ice Cream...the proof of good ice cream is in the eating; made by New Orleans
Ice Cream Company; sold everywhere.

St. Regis Restaurant...123 Royal Street; sea foods and steaks a specialty; serving more meals
daily than any other restaurant in New Orleans.

Dixie Cups...distributed by C. H. Boehmer, Godchaux Building

Crumb Gifts...714 St. Louis Street - opposite Antoines.

Evans Motors...1550 Canal Street; distributors of Hudson, 1939 best buy; also, distributors for the
new overland cars - the low-priced sensation.

Harding & Nettles, Inc....1625 Canal Street; distributors of Chrysler - Plymouth.

Butter Krisp Restaurant...2010 St. Charles Avenue...air conditioned 24 hour service; home
cooking and our famous special blend of pure coffee.

Holmes...New Orleans' Quality Department Store; Holmes Restaurant will be open every day from 8
a.m. to 9 p.m.

Maison Blanche...Greatest Store South

Miller Bros. Jewelers...838 Canal Street; for 30 years our values have been the standard in New

Worner Drug Stores...Canal Street, S. Broad Street, S. Carrollton Avenue.

Luzianne Coffee...100% good; Luzianne Tea just as good.

St. Aloysius High School...Esplanade Ave. and Rampart Street; conducted by the Brothers of
the Sacred Heart

Holy Cross College...4950 Dauphine Street; a school for boys - boarding and day.

McCrory's 5 & 10c Store...Canal, Burgundy & Iberville Streets.

S. H. Kress...5-10-25c Store...923 Canal Street; a most interesting store in America's most
interesting city.
City Administration Officials listed in the Program:

Robert S. Maestri, Mayor
Jess S. Cave, Commissioner Public Finance
Frank R. Gomila, M.D., Commissioner Public Safety
Fred A. Earhart, Commissioner Public Utilities
Joseph P. Skelly, Commissioner Public Property
I fond this program at a used book shop.  I don't have any further information on
any of the people mentioned.