The Reynes House
The first recorded occupant of a house on the corner of Chartres and
Toulouse Streets was Arnaud Roche, who lived here as early as 1722.
That house was presumably lost in the French Quarter fire of 1788.
The property belonged to Joseph Reynes when the second great
fire occurred and it was Mr. Reynes who rebuilt on the site in
1795.  That structure survives today.
Mr. Reynes was a member of a prominent Creole family and held
several public positions.  He served as Secretary to the General
Council and, also, as Director of the Louisiana State Bank.
In the 1880's, Victor Valentinen opened a grocery store/cafe on the
site.  Victor's Cafe was a popular gathering place well into the 20th
century.  Tennessee Williams was among its notable customers.
The Reynes House, in use as Victor's Cafe, early 1900's.
Victor's Cafe, 1938
The building remained in use as a cafe until 1962.  For a time after
that, it was a bar known as the Stage Door.  But, in 2004, it was
beautifully renovated and became the Chartres House Cafe.
The Reynes house today, as Chartres House Cafe,
a restaurant popular with both tourists and locals.