Rudy Voltolina's Band
With thanks to Mike Voltolina for sharing these photos of his dad's band.
Rudy Voltolina, late 1940's
Benefit for the Avalon Sport and Pleasure Club at Coliseum Arena, New
Orleans, February 6, 1949.  The band members are:  piano - Kobe Fabian; sax
(left to right) - Al Voltolina, Lenny Robichaux, Maurice Saul; trumpet (seated) -
Roy Lindberg, (standing) - Rudy Voltolina; drums - Pete Voltolina.  At the time
the band was known as Rudy Voltolina and the Serenaders.
Mid-1950's; band members are:  bass - Dick Lemler; piano - Morris Escat; tenor
sax - Bill Horaist; trumpet - Rudy Voltolina; drums - John Grant.
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