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Welcome!  This site is a work in progress, I hope you’ll come back often to see the new pages that have been added.  I already had a collection of vintage New Orleans photos online, but, after the levee failures in 2005, I felt a need to create a series of pages that would enable me to devote more attention to specific places, customs and people, with the emphasis still on old photographs, but including some of the city’s rich and fascinating history.  In this way, I can provide a more complete picture of my historic, unique and wonderful hometown, New Orleans. She has given me so much.  This is my gift to her.   Nancy Brister

New Pages

Canal and St. Charles: The Changing Scene  ~  Lafayette Square: 230 Years of History~  
Old D. H. Holmes Building  ~  Photos: Back to the ’50’s  ~
Old Cloverland Dairy  ~  Canal Street Walgreens  ~  Old New Orleans Ads  ~  Crescent
City Illustrated, 1873: Sketches of N. O. Places
 ~  Crescent City Illustrated, 1873:
Illustrated Advertisements  ~  Whispers from the Past  ~  The Crescent City, 1873  ~
Old French Opera House  ~  Something Different: Today’s NOLA

Added to Existing Pages

Added image and text to Andrew Higgins, The Man Who Won WWII  ~  Added vintage
newspaper articles to
Kingsley House  ~  Added photo/update on historical marker
Vitascope Hall  ~  Added photo to Praline Sellers of Old New Orleans  ~ Added
image to
Temple Sinai  ~  Added image to Christ Church Cathedral  ~ Added image
Old St. Charles Hotel  ~  Added image to Invitation to the Mint

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“When you enter the city of New Orleans,
there is an exhilarating euphoria you feel
that makes you keenly aware that you are
in the presence of life enjoying itself.”
— Michael Murphy

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“New Orleanians dance when there is
no music; we talk too much, laugh too
loud, live too large and, frankly,
we’re suspicious of those who don’t.”
— Chris Rose


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“One of the best things I’ve ever
heard, when we first got to New
Orleans, somebody said: ‘If you love
New Orleans, it’ll love you back.’
And there is no truer statement.”
— Drew Brees

Is the U.S. Corps of Engineers in
charge of a levee near you?

The Corps has admitted that 122
levees across the country could be
Are you at risk?

Visit Levees.org – holding the U.S.
Corps of Engineers accountable for
the catastrophic failure of the levees
in Metropolitan New Orleans on August
29, 2005 – what Dr. Ray Seed,
Geotechnical Engineering, University
of CA at Berkeley, describes as “The
worst engineering disaster in the
world since Chernobyl.”

My other sites:

Whispers – Home

Nancy’s Journal

In the Old Quarter:
French Quarter Buildings, Streets & Stories

Old Absinthe House
Dinner at Antoine’s
Apothecary Shops of Old New Orleans
The Old Arsenal
Ballroom-Convent-School-Hotel:  1817-2010
Banque de L’Etat de la Louisiane
Breakfast at Madame Begue’s
Brulator Patio
Historic Cabildo ~&~ the Louisiana Purchase
The Callaboose
Old Chartres Street
Chartres Street Today
City of Iron Lace
Courtyards of the Vieux Carre
A Corner on Decatur
Duel over the Honor of the Mississippi River
Election Day, 1952 in the Quarter
Girod-Napoleon House
Historic French Market
French Market Sketch:  1883
French Market Sketch:  1900
French Market Photo:  1911
French Quarter Scene:  1928
Images of the Old French Opera House
Night at the Old French Opera
French Quarter Scene:  1923
French Quarter Photos:  1940’s-’50’s
Jackson Square Photo, 1919
Jax Brewery:  Yesterday and Today
John James Audubon
Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop
La Louisiane Restaurant
Down to the Levee
Dr. Miltenberger’s Legacy
Invitation to the Mint
Morning Call Coffee Stand
The Organ Grinder
Pere Antoine’s Date Palm
Gabriel Peyroux House
Pontalba:  America’s Oldest Apartments
Plan of the City:  1770
Port of New Orleans:  1873
Pralinieres:  Praline Sellers of Old New Orleans
The Reynes House (Victor’s Cafe)
Royal Street, 1900
Royal Street After Dark
The Old Spanish Stable
St. Louis Cathedral:  Favorite Images
St. Peter Street:  3 Historic Neighbors
Turpin Candy, Old Levee Street
Ursulines:  The Landing of the Ursulines
Ursuline Convent and Sister Xavier’s Herb Garden
Aerial View Showing Mortuary Chapel & St. Louis No.1 Cemetery
Photo in the Quarter, 1952

Out to the Lake:  Milneburg, Spanish Fort, West End,
Pontchartrain and Lincoln Beaches, Irish Bayou

Those Milneburg Joys
Midway Restaurant at Milneburg
Fort San Juan del Bayou:  The Old Spanish Fort
Old Spanish Fort:  Resort & Amusement Park
Tranchina’s Restaurant, Spanish Fort
Sunny Schiro Tries to Save the “Little Fort
Old Spanish Fort Today
Out to Old West End
Historic New Canal Lighthouse, West End
Southern Yacht Club, West End
Lake Scenes:  Photos by Kathy Bloodworth
Pontchartrain Beach
Lincoln Beach
Camps at Irish Bayou & Little Woods

Storyville and the Birth of Jazz

Early musicians ~ Early bands ~ Storyville & the Birth of Jazz
~ The Disappearance of Storyville ~ and more
Shadows of the Past

Canal Street

Joy Returns: The Joy Theater
Canal Street in the Snow
Belknap Fountain
D. H. Holmes – “I’ll Meet You Under the Clock
Maison Blanche – “Greatest Store South
Canal Street at Dusk
Vintage Images:  Downtown at Night
Canal Street Photos:  Mostly 1800’s
Canal Street Photo, 1925
Canal Streetcar Photo, 1959
Canal Streetcar Photo, 1961
Canal Street Vintage Photos
Canal Street Vintage Postcards
Canal Street Vintage Scenes & Events
Two Corners on Canal Street
The View from Mr. Clay’s Monument

Historic Residences/Buildings/Business

The Old (and Older) Algiers Courthouse
The Old American Chicle Building
At the Movies:  Theaters of Downtown New Orleans
Audubon Place & Samuel Zemurray
Mr. Benachi’s Legacy
Blue Plate Artists Lofts
Boston Club
Brown Mansion: Grandest House on the Grandest Avenue
Cafe des Ameliorations
Historic Campbell-Spofford House
Old Carmelite Monastery
Carrollton Courthouse
Old Carrollton Hotel
Historic Charity Hospital
The Cotton Exchange
The Old Custom House
Delord-Sarpy House
Two Sisters:  Doullet Steamboat Houses
Dufour-Baldwin House
Henry Raphael Denis House
Esplanade House: Evolution
Old Firehouses & Police Stations – Then & Now
Fort Pike:  Guarding the Pass
Historic Gallier Hall
The Garden District
Old New Orleans Gates
Grant-Black House
Harris-Maginnis House & Old Maginnis Cotton Mill
Old Hibernia Bank Building
Images/History of Some Old N.O. Hospitals
Images/History of Old N.O. Hospitals, Page 2
Images of Some Old N.O. Hotels
John Minor Wisdom Court Building
The Jung Hotel
Kingsley House
Kolb’s German Restaurant ~&~ Kolb’s Farm
Restoration of Lakefront Airport
LeBeau Plantation
The Old Lighthouse for the Blind Building
Historic Lombard Plantation
Luling Mansion (Old Jockey Club)
Martin Brothers Restaurant
Masonic Temple
Milton Latter Library
Municipal Auditorium
Napoleon’s Doctor & the Old Cosmopolitan Hotel
National Bank Building
Ninth District Police Station
NOFD, Engine Company 28, Elysian Fields
Olivier Plantation – St. Mary’s Orphan Asylum
Old Orleans Parish Court Buildings & Old Parish Prison
Old Parish Prison, Photo 1864
Pelican Stadium
Old Public Markets
James Robb Mansion
The Roosevelt Hotel
Roosevelt Hotel’s Blue Room
Rosegate: Brevard-Wisdome-Rice House
Saints and Superdome
Saulet Plantation (Old Mercy Hospital)
A Shell of Its Former Self
Soule Business College
Old Southern Athletic Club
St. Charles Hotel
St. Charles Hotel:  Photo, 1920
St. Charles Theatre
T. Pittari’s Restaurant
Old New Orleans Train Stations
Old Union Station Depot
Vitascope Hall
The Xiques Mansion

Parks and Playgrounds

Audubon Park:  Posing with the Old Black Bear
Audubon Park:  Lovers’ Lane
Audubon Park:  Old Engine No. 745
Audubon Park:  Hyams Wading Pool
Audubon Park Swan Boat
Audubon Park Vintage Photos
Vintage City Park Photos and History
City Park:  Hyams Wading Pool
City Park Panorama
City Park Peristyle
CIty Park Vintage Photos & History
City Park Vintage Photos:  1899-1913
St. Roch Playground

Houses of Worship

3 Historic Churches
Beecher Memorial Congregation UCC
Carrollton Avenue Methodist Church
Carrollton Avenue Presbyterian Churh
The Chinese Church
Christ Church Cathedral
Congregation Beth Israel
Felicity Methodist Church
First Presbyterian Church
First Unitarian Universalist
Gentilly Baptist Church
The 1st Greek Orthodox Church in Western Hemisphere
Old French Church
Church of the Immaculate Conception (Jesuit)
Church of the Immaculate Conception Current Photos
Mater Dolorosa Catholic Church
Napoleon Avenue Methodist Church
Parker Memorial Methodist Church
Rayne Memorial Methodist Church
Sacred Heart Church
Second Methodist Church
St. Anthony’s Catholic Church
St. Katherine’s Catholic Church (1st St. Joseph)
St. Charles Avenue Methodist Church
St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
Photo:  St. John the Baptist Church
Images of St. Louis Cathedral
St. Louis Cathedral at Night
Good Friday at St. Louis Cathedral
Model of St. Louis Church (Cathedral), 1718
St. Mary’s Assumption Catholic Church
St. Matthew Evangelical (Central Congregational)
St. Patrick’s Catholic Church
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
St. Roch Shrine, Chapel and Campo Santo
St. Stephen’s Catholic Church
Temple Sinai
Old Yellow Fever Mortuary Chapel


All Saints Day, An Old New Orleans Custom
Girod Street Cemetery
Metairie Track:  Racecourse to Cemetery
St. Louis No. 1 Cemetery
St. Lous No. 3 Cemetery
St. Roch Cemetery
Valence Street Cemetery
“Neither Do They Cry”

“They’re Tryin’ to Wash Us Away”

Ames Crevasse, Mississippi River;  Flood of 1891
Sauve Crevasse, 1849
Hurricane of 1915
Dynamiting the Crevasse to Save the City:  Flood of 1927
Hurricane of 1941
Hurricane Betsy, 1965
When Time Stood Still – August 29, 2005
The Soul of the City – September 1, 2005
Heart – August 29, 2009
This CIty Won’t Wash Away

Uncategorized Pages – This list is not alphabetized

1847 Article: New Orleans at Night
Scandal on the Avenue
The Rabais Man
Restoration of Lakefront Airport
Pere Antoine’s Date Palm
“Avis de Deces”
Bold Privateer Dominique You
Zatarain’s: Flavor of N.O.
On the Avenue
Eads Plaza
Bienvenue en Louisiane!
Liberty Bell Comes to Town
Photo:  Car Stop
Photo:  USS New Orleans
Vintage Cars of New Orleans
In Some Quiet Place:  Jim Metcalf
The Story of the Roman Candy Man
Photo:  Roman Candy Man on St. Charles Avenue
Affaire d’Honneur:  Duels in Old New Orleans
The Case of the Gris-Gris Gone Bad
Ads from 1875
Women of Note in New Orleans History
A Picture Book of Old New Orleans
Vintage Images:  N.O. FIre Department
Vintage Images: N.O. Fire Department, Page 2
Around Town on the Old Milk Cart
Elk Place
McDonogh Day
Historic Images of New Orleans
Raising Cane on Baronne Street
The Moss Gatherers
Yesterday’s Children:  2 Pages
Children’s Krewe of NOR
Old N.O. Bank Notes, 1800’s
Cruising on The President
Illustrations:  Battle of New Orleans ~&~ Chalmette Battelfield
Snapshots from the World’s Fair, 1984
Old New Orleans Advertisements:  8 Pages
“Historic Old New Orleans”
1939 Sugar Bowl Program
NOPSI Bus Transfers, 1940’s
Margaret Haugherty:  The Bread Lady of New Orleans
Postcards of Old New Orleans
Panoramas of the City:  1909-1919
Old & New Louisiana” – 1873
Bayou St. John:  Flowing Through the Heart of the CIty
Old Bayou St. John Towpath
Bridges of Bayou St. John
St. Joseph’s Altars:  An Old New Orleans Custom
Easter Memories
Vintage Photos:  Elmer’s Candy Company
The Old Basin Canal
Baseball in N.O.:  A Look Back:  2 Pages
Ivy A. Smith Baseball Team, 1949
Junior Baseball Champions, 1932
Rheem Softball Team, 1940
First Police Emergency Unit:  1947
NOPD 3-Wheeler Unit
Vintage Police Department Photos
3 Generations of O’Briens & the N.O. Fire Department
Businesses of Old New Orleans:  3 Pages
Rainbow Girls & DeMolay Boys, Masonic Temple
The Hep Kings   ~&~   Rudy Voltolina’s Band
Old Algiers
Duverge Chapel/Cemetery, Algiers:  1910 Article
Father of Rolling Waters” – 1896
Hotel Senator Fire of 1968
Carondelet Canyon:  Financial District, 1927
Streetcar on the Avenue
Images of Early Streetcars
Pictures from the Past
President Taft Comes to Town, 1909
Images, 1941-1959
Street Scenes:  Canal Boulevard
Street Scenes:  St. Bernard Avenue
Street Scenes:  Carrollton Avenue, Part 1
Street Scenes:  Carrollton Avenue, Part 2
Street Scenes:  Carrollton Avenue, Part 3
History of Tivoli/Lee Circle
Aerial View of the CIty, 1955
The Clock:  Tulane and Loyola Avenues
Some Old N.O. Photos
The Kindness of Strangers:  Tommy Lafon
Makin’ Groceries Schwegmann Style
The Faith Home
Vintage Pictures of Plum Street & Arabella Street
The Waffle Wagon
Some Old N.O. Neighborhood Restaurants
Vintage Images of Rampart Street
Crossing the River on the Ferry
Oyster Luggers:  Vintage Photos
Shelter for the Children:  Orphan Asylums of Old New Orleans
On the Waterfront:  Old Images, the N.O. Riverfront, Page 1
On the Waterfront:  Old Images, the N.O. Riverfront, Page 2
Photo:  NBC Christmas Party, 1949
Gen. Pershing Visits Jackson Barracks
Pres. McKinley Comes to Town
Harpoons at Twenty Paces
1938 Visit to the City
The Sightseeing Streetcar
Nighttime at the End of the Streetcar Line
Degas in New Orleans
Old New Orleans Beer Signs
Street Scenes of 1907
Mr. Moisant’s Fateful Visit
Vintage View of Carondelet Street
Isidore Newman Leaves a Legacy
The Golden Age of New Orleans Cigars
No Racing in the Streets
An Old New Orleans Snoball
New Orleans’ Joie de Vivre
Traffic Jam on the River
Photo:  New Orleans Snow, 1958
Photo:  The Soul of the City
Lady Bird Comes to Town
The Irish Laborers and the New Basin Canal
Dedication of the Industrial Canal, 1923
Captain Rhodes
Hubig Pies:  A New Orleans Icon
Hubig Pies:  Vintage Ads
ICRR/Stuyvesant Docks
Mystery Photos
Crossing the River by Train
Photo:  Prytania Streetcar – 1907

Outside the Lines:  Places Outside the City Limits
All Around Us
Baton Rouge:  Old State Capitol
Baton Rouge:  The Old (Old) Governors’ Mansion
Beauregard House, Chalmette Battlefield
Camp Plauche:  Pictures & History
Camp Salmen Lodge
Causeway:  Longest Bridge in the World
Cheniere Caminada
Fort Livingston, Grand Terre
Frank’s Island Lighthouse
Grand Isle:  Vintage Photos
Harlem Plantation House, Plaquemines Parish
Huey P. Long Bridge
Dedication of the Huey P. Long Bridge, 1935
Kenilworth Plantation, St. Bernard Parish
LeBeau Plantation
LSU:  First Game at Tiger Stadium
LSU:  Vintage Photos
LSU:  Cake Art
Mandeville:  One Hundred Years Ago
Mary Plantation: Oldest Home in Plaquemines Parish
Metairie:  1955 Aerial View
Mississippi Gulf Coast:  Vintage Postcards:  3 Pages
Mississippi Gulf Coast Hotels:  Vintage Photos
Mississippi Gulf Coast:  Gus Stevens’ Restaurant
Mississippi Map:  Bayagoulas to the Sea, 1730
Mississippi River Bridge, Baton Rouge, 1940
Northshore Schools:  Vintage Pictures
Orange Grove Plantation, Plaquemines Parish
Pilottown: The Last Outpost
Plaquemines Parish:  Vintage Photos
On the Banks of Old Pontchartrain
Seven Oaks Plantation, Jefferson Parish
Ship Island & Fort Massachusetts
St. Bernard Parish:  Vintage Photos
White Kitchen Restaurants
Woodland Plantation, LaPlace
Woodland Plantation, Plaquemines Parish

Old New Orleans Schools

History of Algiers Schools, 1940 Article
All-City Elementary School Bands
Andrew Jackson Elementary School
B. M. Palmer Elementary School
Beauregard Junior High School
Belleville School
Charles J. Colton School
College d’Orleans: How N.O. Moms Shut Down a University
Delgado School
Edward White High School
Fortier High School Band, 1930’s
Frank T. Howard School
Gayarre Elementary School
Gayarre Class of 1924
Henry W. Allen Elementary School
Isidore Newman
Jefferson Davis School: Class, 1954
Jesuit High School
Jesuit High School, Class of 1948
Jesuit High School, Class of 1949
LaSalle School
History & Photos:  McDonogh Schools, 2 Pages
McDonogh No. 6
McDonogh No. 7
McDonogh No. 11
McDonogh No. 18
Newcomb College
Nicholls High School, Class of 1963
Sacred Heart School
John A. Shaw School, 1949 Photo
Sophie Wright School
St. Aloysius College
St. John the Baptist School
St. Joseph High School, Class of 1959
St. Louis Cathedral School
St. Matthias, Class of 1943
St. Paul’s School
St. Simeon’s School
Straight College
Stuart R. Bradley Elementary School
Tulane University History & Photos
Tulane University:  Then & Now
Warren Easton High School
Warren Easton Yearbook, 1927
Warren Easton Yearbook, 1955
Warren Easton Yearbook, 1957
Warren Easton Yearbook, 1964
Webster ~&~ Jefferson Schools
William Frantz Elementary School

World War I & II

Andrew Higgins:  The Man Who Won World War II
73rd Bombardment Wing:  “Now it Can be Told” – WWII
332nd Fighter Group, Tuskegee Airmen – WWII
“Captain Kelly” by Mrs. George Tichenor
Ration Books, WWII
LaGarde General Hospital, Lakefront Base, WWII
Lakefront Naval Air Station, WWII
States-Item Front Page:  End of WWI

Many of the family pages have very interesting info!

Anselmo Family Clubs
Bose:  Alfred Bose & the West End Rowing Club
Bullinger Family
Burger-Sepulveda Family
Canatella Family
Cosgrove-Erzinger Family
de la Vergne Family
Edgecombe Family
Gangolf Family
Huibers-Sloan Family
Labry Family
Lang Family
Legendre Family
Martinez-Smith Family
Moulin Family
Owens:  Singer, Betty Owens
Pela Family
Prieto Family
Serio Family Store, Decatur Street
Stephens Family
Tedesco Family
Ignacious Tedesco Family
Tedesco Photo:  Cruising the Quarter
Wehl Family

Not-So-Old New Orleans:  A More Recent Era

Old New Orleans Recipes
Hope:  August 29, 2005 – Auguest 29, 2015
Rolling on the River
The Fleur de Lis
Where the Heart Is: Louisiana Photos
Super Bowl Parade:  The Grand Old Lady Throws a Party
A Night to Remember:  The Re-Opening of the Dome
Sarah’s Excellent Streetcar Ride
Nancy’s New Orleans Research & Photo Links
Louisiana:  A Cherished Way of Life
The Spirit of New Orleans
New Orleans in LEGOS