My G-Grandfather’s Attic

When I was a child, there was no place more magical to me than the treasure-filled attic of my g-grandfather,
Josiah Garrett.  The house was located between the villages of Perth and Union Church, in Jefferson County,
MS, about three hours north of New Orleans, Louisiana, where I grew up.  Josiah was no longer living by then,
but his two daughters, Lola Gibson and Flora Dawkins, were in residence.  Even as a child, I wouldn’t have
traded a day in that wonderful old house for a week at Disney World.

It was built in 1847 by my 2-g-grandparents, Isaac and Abba Ann Warren Garrett, who raised their family and
lived out their lives there, as did Josiah and Flora Carmichael Garrett.  The house had once been used as
a post office and stopping point for mail riders, who sometimes stayed overnight in the attic.  It was called
Scotland Post Office, in honor of the many citizens of Scottish ancestry who’d settled in the area in the early

The attic was still filled with remnants of the exciting days when the early Mississippi Territory was just
opening up.  Trunks overflowed with 100-year-old clothing.  My cousins and I would go through the trunks, try
on the clothes, look through the old books and newspapers.  When we were finally persuaded to join the
family downstairs, everyone would gather and listen to Aunt Lola talk about times long past.  She would show
us the small holes in the exterior walls, left open so that rifles could be inserted in case of attack.  She would
tell us stories about her childhood, the all-day camp meetings and how young people courted by going on a
buggy ride, chaperoned by one of their parents.  Her stories were as magical as the attic.  Sadly, the old
home is no longer there, the treasures in the attic either scattered or discarded.  The walls that reverberated
with the laughter of five generations of Garrett children have been torn down.  The old floorboards, where
Abba Ann paced and prayed—for the children when they were ill, for strength when Isaac died and for a way
to feed her family when times grew hard—the floorboards are gone, they no longer echo with the long-ago
sounds of Abba Ann’s steps.

My great-aunts, Lola and Flora, passed away years ago, but when I see the land now, I can almost smell the
biscuits baking and the coffee brewing. I could swear I hear Aunt Lola calling out a greeting from the front
porch, “Come on in and put your feet up for a spell, Flora’s about to make a blackberry pie.” It’s my imagination,
of course. Or maybe it’s the soft breeze carrying long ago voices through the tall pines and over the tops of
the magnolia trees, through the open door of a house that’s no longer there.

But I can go back. And I do. Time after time. In mind and in my heart, in my memories of those lovely family
get-togethers and those magical afternoons spent in my great-grandfather’s attic.

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Will of William Baldridge, Lancaster, PA, 1767
John Baldridge’s Bible, Ireland, PA, NC
Old Town Clock of Hillsborough, NC
Petition on Behalf of Orange County Regulators
Little River, Orange County, NC Landowners Map
Baldridge & Turrentine Photos
Francis Baldridge Land Claim, MS, 1806
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Francis & Elizabeth Turrentine Baldridge’s
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Will of William Cook, Baltimore, MD, 1739
A History of Protestantism in Early Mississippi
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Fairley Family Photos, Karnes County, TX

Old Garrett/Dawkins Family Letters
Survey Union Church Cemetery, Mississippi
Photos: Dawkins Tombstones, Union Church, MS
Miscellaneous Records: VA, NC, MS
Gladys Dawkins Magearl Obituary

Edward DOTY, My Mayflower Ancestor
Pilgrims and Strangers
Pilgrim Town: Marshfield, MA
Pilgrim English Ancestral Homes
Old Winslow Burying Ground
Miscellaneous Records: MA, NC, MS
Illustrations from “The Story of the Pilgrims”
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“Richmond Blues,” 46th VA Inf Regiment

Probate/Guardianship Records of Isaac Garrett
Roster of Co. A 12th Miss Inf Regiment
Civil War Experiences of Josiah Garrett
Old Garrett/Dawkins Family Letters
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Jacob Garrett Family Photos, West Virginia
Survey Union Church Cemetery, Mississippi
History of the Old Scotch Settlement, Mississippi
David & Martha Garrett: Beauvoir Cemetery
Isaac Garrett: Scotland P.O., Jefferson Co, MS
Snippets from Grandpa Garrett’s Journal

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Old Jackson Family Photos
Photos of Samuel & Susan Jackson; IL, MO, TX
Taney County, Missouri
Jackson: Veterans Memorial, Pearl River Co., MS
Miscellaneous Records: Missouri & Texas

Miscellaneous McCormick Records: NC & MS
Union Church Records, Mississippi
Survey: Union Church Cemetery, Mississippi
McCormick Family Photos, North Carolina
Isle of Lismore, Argyll, Scotland
Views of Lismore, Argyll, Scotland

Photos of Samuel & Susan Matthews Jackson
Photo of Amanda Matthews Franklin’s Family
Roster of Co. L., 10th IL Cav Regiment
Taney County, Missouri
Miscellaneous Records: IL, MO, TX

Miscellaneous Records


Sale of Plantation, John Stampley, MS, 1784
Image: Promissory Note, John Stampley, MS, 1787
A History of Protestantism in Early Mississippi
Transcription of Jacob Stampley’s Will, MS, 1826
Documentrom Estate Papers of John Stampley, MS
Petition of Jacob Stampley re: John Cole, 1829
John Stampley’s Heirs: Deed, 1823, Coles Creek, MS
Miscellaneous Records

Miscellaneous Records: GA & MS

Turrentine Family History
Little River, Orange County, NC Land Owners Map
Elizabeth Turrentine Baldridge’s Power of Attorney
Baldridge & Turrentine Photos
Miscellaneous Records

Marriage Bond: Josiah Warren & Nancy Doty, Onslow Co,
NC, 1780
Probate/Guardianship Records of Benajah Warren
Warren Family Photos
Daniel Warren: 1870 Census Page, Jefferson Co., MS
Josiah Warren’s Will & 2 Quit Claims to Josiah Warren
Miscellaneous Records: VA, NC, GA, MS

Brister-Whittington Families of SW MS

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Taney County
The Hills Sing:  Taney County
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Bradleyville Cemetery, Taney County
Bradleyville Cemetery, Taney County, Set 2

18 Pages of Research for Orange County, NC
John Baldridge’s Bible, Lincoln/Orange Co.
Petition on Behalf of Orange County Regulators
“Old Town Clock” of Hillsborough
Little River, Orange County Landowners Map
Stewartsville Cemetery, Scotland Co.
McCormick Family Photos, Richmond Co.
“Highland Scots & Scotch-Irish” 1939 Book:  North
Carolina:  Old State & New”
Map:  Early Settlement in NC
Richmond County History and Images
Vintage Photos:  Richmond / Scotland Counties

Lancaster County Will Index
Little Britain & Marctic Township Histories, 1883
Turrentine Family History, Mifflin County
John Baldridge’s Bible, Lancaster County
William Baldridge’s Will, Lancaster County, 1767
History of Lancaster County; Histories of Little Britain &
Marctic Townships;  Index to Will Books
Old Pennsylvania Postcards

Dallas Vintage Postcards
Gillett Cemetery, Karnes County

Richmond Blues, 46th VA Inf Regiment
“Old Virginia and her Neighbors,” pub. 1897

Jacob Garrett’s Family Photos

Tribute to the Isle of Lismore
Lismore:  “A Fine Light”
Brief History of the Lismore Lighthouse
Across the Sound to Jura

Genealogy Poems
The Story of Flanders Fields
The Story of the 73rd Bomdbardment Wing, WWII
Oradour-sur-Glane, The Silent Village

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