New Orleans Scenes:  1941 - 1959
Pictures from the Collection of Charles Cushman
With many thanks to
Dave Martin for contributing these photos.
The Str. President on the Mississippi River, near the foot of Canal Street; 1959.
Jean Lafitte Tours carriage; 1950's.
Decatur Street, across the street, to the left, Jackson Square; to the right, the
Pontalba Apartments - the oldest apartment buildings in the U.S.; 1940's.
The Capitol, 1941
The foot of Canal Street at the Mississippi River, 1955.
A husband's gift to his wife:  the cornstalk fence around this
French Quarter "castle," when his wife complained of being
homesick for the midwest; 1951.  (See recent photo at
bottom of page.)
Chartres Street, 1950's.
Bank fishing -- I can't figure out where this is, do any of you know?
French Quarter, notice the El Trelles cigar truck; 1946.
Produce stand, 511 Canal Street; 1950's.
Little Victorian Shop; French Quarter; 1951.
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Recent photo of the house with the cornstalk fence, it's now a bed & breakfast.