Second United Methodist Church
The Second [United] Methodist Church, Burgundy Street, was established in 1840.  The
building no longer houses the congregation.  Whether it is home to a different church or
used privately, I don't know.  I took the three top photos in the summer of 2006.
I am very grateful to Mary Olivier Thurman for sharing this photo of the Methodist Youth Fellowship
group at Second Methodist Church, in the mid-1950's; photo taken in the Fellowship/Assembly Hall.  
Mary can identify some of the faces, if you know any of the others, I'd love to add them.  The tall boy
on the left is Harold Diket, the child on the right front, rubbing his eye, is Harold's brother, Eddie;
their Mom is standing in back, to the left of Harold.  The three girls next to Mrs. Diket are Diane
Buckley, Darlene Edgecombe and Mary Olivier.  The men in the back are Mr. Edgecomb on the left
and the pastor, Rev. Edwin Sylvest, on the right.

Darlene Edgecombe Mollere has shared more names with us!  The boy in front, with glasses, is
Sidney Barnes;  the girls in the front row are (from left):  Margaret Gilmore and Mary Ellen Toland.
Darlene Edgecombe Mollere (pictured in the photo below) was kind enough to
share this wonderful photo of the interior of Second Methodist Church; 1950's.
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