Old New Orleans Advertisements
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Russell Ice Cream Company, 1940's
New Orleans Railway and Light Co. - General Offices:  317 Baronne Street
The most complete system of railways in the United States.  The St. Charles Avenue,
Tulane Belt, Clio Line, Prytania and Coliseum cars carry passsengers to and from the
Tulane University and the H. Sophie Newcomb College.
Why are there over 10,000 gas ranges in use in New Orleans?  Because they give
the best results in cooking.  See the Gas Company, Baronne and Common Streets.
When Benjamin Franklin and his kite brought electricity from the clouds he little
dreamed that in the twentieth century the electric current would have become a
commercial necessity.
Yet today, to properly illuminate your store, you must use the electric arc and
incandescent bulb, and your factory is antiquated if it is not fitted with modern
direct-connected electric motors.
You literally burn your way into the mind of the public by using a sign of glowing
lamps at night and keep yourselves and others cool in summer by means of electric
fans.  Phone our expert, 175; he'll call around and tell you how cheaply all this can
be done.
French Market Roasted COffee
Has stood the test of popular approval
A perfect blend - No Glazing
Glazing only adds to the weight of coffee
and detracts from the drinking qualities
Absolutely pure
For sale by all grocers
Sole proprietors, New Orleans Coffee Co.
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