The Anselmo Family
With much appreciation to Jimmy Anselmo for sharing photographs of his family's
clubs, from his father's clubs in the French Quarter to Jimmy's in the Uptown area  
They are wonderful snapshots of nightlife in New Orleans 1930's - 1970's.   Nancy
Jimmy's father's club, Little Blue Room, 1937
Little Blue Room, 1944
Little Blue Room, 1944
Jimmy's dad, Jimmy Anselmo,
in front of his club,
Mardi Gras Lounge, 1946
The lady on the left is Jimmy's mom, sitting
next to her is Sally Rand, of fan dance fame,
at the Mardi Gras Lounge on Bourbon Street;
Ms. Rand was appearing at the ShoBar; 1949;
names of the men are unknown.
Jimmy and his dad (by lamppost) in front
of the Mardi Gars Lounge, about 1948.
Jimmy's dad:
"Jimmy 'King' Anselmo
Middle Weight Contender
1922 - 1930"
Jimmy's sister, Corliss, is featured in this Times-Picayune "Pictures
from the Past" photo of her third birthday celebration.
Jimmy's alma mater - Francis T. Nicholls High School
Jimmy's Co-Ed's Club (1966 - 1973), Maple Street near Carrollton, photos about 1967
Jimmy's Quasimodo's Club, photos below taken about 1974
Jimmy's Club (1978 - 2000), Willow and Dublin Streets
Article on the 20th anniversary of Jimmy's Club, 1998
Jimmy's Club, Neville Brothers perform 1979
Jimmy with Saints players, left, Morten
Andersen, and, right, Brad Edelman, 1978
Jimmy's, about 1979
Jimmy and sister, Corliss, at the Blue Room,
Roosevelt Hotel
Anselmo family at City Park, about 1947; Jimmy is the
little boy sitting on his mother's lap on the right; his
dad is on the left, wearing sunglasses, and Jimmy's
sister, Vivian, is on his back.
Jimmy at his house at 1233 N. Robertson in
Treme, taken about 1948.