St. Louis Cemetery No. 3
"Old Bayou Cemetery"
Bayou Cemetery, 1860's
St. Louis No. 3 was established in the mid-1800's, where Esplanade Avenue meets Bayou St.
John, and was known as Bayou Cemetery.  There was a leprosy colony nearby and it's
believed that this cemetery originally served as a burial ground for inmates of the colony.  
But, sometime later, owing to a desperate need of cemetery space during an epidemic,
priests at St. Louis Cathedral purchased the cemetery for victims of Yellow Fever.
Mortal remains of a man killed in a duel:  "John Thomas, Fell on the Field of Honor."
St. Louis No. 3 has several society tombs, such as the Hellenic Orthodox tomb
and the Young Men's Benevalent Association tomb.  There are, also, many tombs
of various religious orders, such as the Little Sisters of the Poor.  Famous people
who are buried in St. Louis No. 3 include architect James Gallier and Storyville
photographer, Ernest Bellocq; also, family tombs of noted New Orleans
restaraunteurs Galitoire, Tujague and Prudhomme.
Photo above & below courtesy of The Times-Picayune.