In 1891, The Mascot, a local newspaper, published the cartoon above and
accompanying article in their "Scenes and Incidents" section.  It seems that a
certain New Orleans lady had thrown caution to the wind (skirts and petticoats
notwithstanding) and was causing quite a sensation on St. Charles Avenue.
-- Nancy

"A certain well known society leader creates a sensation nearly every evening on
St. Charles Avenue.  She is a good looker, stylish, of good family and so on, but is
inclined to be mannish.  She can ride a tricycle, but that style of locomotion is too
slow and even for her, so she has secured herself a bicycle, on which she appears,
and certainly creates a sensation, especially when there is a breeze that displays
a tendency to play sad havoc with the folds of her drapery.  Everybody knows
her, so that it is hardly necessary to mention her name."  
Scandal on the Avenue