NOPSI Transfers & Photos
New Orleans Public Service buses and streetcars on a busy Canal Street, late-1940's.
I have a stack of bus transfers I found among my dad's mementos, undoubtedly dating
from his time as a NOPSI bus driver, from the end of World War II until about 1952.  
These are samples from all of the routes represented.  As I remember him talking about
his time with NOPSI, he only had uptown routes, so I don't think he drove all of these.  
For a very short time, when he wasn't much more than a teenager, he and his brother,
Carl, both worked as conductors on streetcar lines.  I think it was the first full-time job
he ever had, and it was probably in the early 1930's (not sure about the date though).  I
recently came across a photo that was taken during that time, standing next to a
Magazine streetcar.  I've added it at the bottom of the page.  Nancy
My dad, Lee Jackson, is on the right, I don't know the name of his co-worker, the motorman, but he
looks happier about having his photo taken than my dad did. :-)  I'm not certain of the date, but this had
to have been during my dad's first stint with NOPSI, as a streetcar conductor, in the 1930's.