Cafe des Ameliorations
From the The Picayune's Guide to New Orleans, published in 1904:

"At the southwest corner of N. Rampart and Toulouse Streets, stands a
high, three-storied brick building with iron verandas.  This was known
during the period of the early American domination as the
Cafe des
, and was to old New Orleans of that day what the
Cafe des Exiles was to French New Orleans of a more remote
period.  At the
Cafe des Ameliorations, the old Creole gentlemen,
discontented and alarmed at the growing power of the Americans, used
to meet and discuss questions for the amelioration of their dear city, and
its rescue from the hands of the 'invaders.'  Here they used to weekly
concoct plans for the assertion of the supremacy of the French.  All
this reads like a romance now, but it was very real to the French Creole
residents of those days, this question of absolute American domination."
Once home to Cafe des Ameliorations,
North Rampart Street